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Mediterranean coast of Spain

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The beach on the costa del sol in Spain Spain has one of the longest coastlines in the Mediterranean. Mediterranean coast of Spain has a length over 1,600 kilometers. The southern coast of Spain is located on the territory of the autonomous regions Andalusia, Murcia, Valencia and Catalonia (listed from west to east). This is one of the most warm and favorable for a summer holiday region in Spain and in Europe.

Mediterranean coast of Spain stretches from the Tarifa town (the southernmost point of Europe) to “Cabo de Creus” promontory on the north-east of Spain (the border between Spain and France). There are a large number of ancient towns with interesting sights and lot of great beaches. Along the coast of Spain is a motorway N-340 Cádiz - Barcelona and road AP-7 from the city Algeciras to the border with France. Length of roads is about 1,600 kilometers. There are several airports near major cities. Large coastal cities also have ports, which receive ferries, cruise and passenger ships.

Spain began to consider tourism as an important sector of economy in the late 19th century. Since the beginning of the 20th century Spain began to develop tourism infrastructure in some places along the coast. The most active tourism developing on the Mediterranean coast of Spain began in the postwar years. Firstly coming here were the most famous and wealthy. It is available for everyone to spend holidays on the Mediterranean Sea coast in Spain now.

The map shows location of popular resorts on the coast of Spain.
Spain coast and resorts  map

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Autonomous Region of Andalusia is located on the southwest of Spain. Andalusia is administratively divided on eight provinces, four of which are located along the coast: Cadiz, Malaga, Granada, Almeria (from west to east). The Atlantic Ocean is located west of Andalusia. The Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean are to the south. Seville, Malaga and Cordoba are the largest cities in Andalusia.

Andalusia is the second most popular tourist region of Spain (after Catalonia). According to statistics, the region is visited by approximately 30 million tourists a year. (Many coming to Spain tourists visit several regions of the country during trip.)
Andalusia is one of the hottest regions of Europe. The coastline of Andalusia is about 840 kilometers long. On the Atlantic coast of Andalusia is located the resort area “Costa de la Luz”, on the Mediterranean – “Costa del Sol”, “Costa Tropical” and “Costa de Almeria”.

Andalusia has many excellent places for lovers of beach tourism. There are also many interesting things for lovers of history, architecture, nightlife, nature and sports. There are the southernmost Alpine skiing resorts in Europe located in the mountainous region Sierra Nevada. There are many interesting places in various cities of the region: churches, castles, fortresses, monuments of Muslim and Renaissance architecture. Historic centers of Úbeda and Baeza cities are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

There are several airports in Andalusia. Malaga Airport (Málaga Airport) serves more than half of all passengers and about 85% passengers of international flights. Seville airport and Jerez airport are in second and third places by the number of served passengers in Andalusia.
Port of Malaga is the oldest continually operating ports in Spain. Port annually serves a large number of cruise ships and passenger ships. The port has berths for yachts.
You can drive along the coast from Andalusia to France by motorway “Autopista AP- 7”.

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Costa de la Luz

“Costa de la Luz” resort region located in the west part of Andalusia, on the Atlantic coast (southwest coast of Spain). “Costa de la Luz” coast (Coast of Light) stretches from the Portuguese border to the Tarifa town on the south, near the Straits of Gibraltar. The region climate is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. It is not so hot (due to blowing from the ocean winds) and there are some more rainfalls on the coast.

Among the popular resort locations on the coast are “Cadiz”, “Punta Umbria”, “Conil”, “Jerez de la Frontera”, “Isla Cristina”, “Rota” and “Zahara de los Atunes”. There are many good beaches on the coast.

“Costa de la Luz” is a popular vacation destination among fans of water sports and outdoor activities. Proximity of the ocean makes this coast good place for surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing. Tarifa town is named among the best places for windsurfing in Spain.
As places to visit for tourists are recommended Cádiz and Seville cities and “Doñana” national park (Parque Nacional de Doñana). The largest city on the coast is Cadiz. It is believed that it is the oldest city in Spain. There is also located the nearest airport of the coast.

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Costa del Sol

“Costa del Sol” resort region (Coast of Sun) is the southernmost part of the Mediterranean coast of Spain. “Costa del Sol” located between resort regions “Costa de la Luz” and “Costa Tropical”. It is located between the Strait of Gibraltar in the west and “Maro” cliff in the east. On this part of coastline, there are located towns Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola, Mijas, Marbella, San Pedro de Alcántara, Estepona, Manilva, Casares, Rincón de la Victoria, Vélez-Málaga, Nerja, Frigiliana and Torrox.

It is believed that there are located the most prestigious resorts in Spain. Many celebrities, aristocrats and wealthy people have their villas on the “Costa del Sol”. Popular water parks are located in the Torremolinos and Fuengirola towns.

“Costa del Sol” is one of the oldest resort regions of Spain. Promoting the city of Malaga as a place for vacations began since 1897 (society “The Sociedad Propagandística del Clima y Embellecimiento de Málaga” was established). “Baños del Carmen” beach was opened in the early 20th century to east of the Málaga city. “Torremolinos” golf course began operate in 1928. In the second half of the 20th century, this region becomes popular among celebrities and wealthy Europeans. Coast becomes one of the most popular summer holiday destinations in Europe.

Main city of the coast is Malaga. Marbella resort is also considered as one of the most popular places in Spain.
Port of Malaga takes a large number of cruise ships and passenger vessels with tourists. The port handled more than 650,000 passengers of cruise liners in 2012.

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International airport of Malaga city is one of the largest (in terms of traffic) in Spain. (You can see airport location on the map.) In 2012, the airport handled 12.5 million passengers. The largest number of tourists comes from the UK. From the bus station of Malaga depart buses to many cities in Spain as well as in Portugal and France. The airport is located about 8 kilometers from Malaga and at a distance of about 5 kilometers from Torremolinos. The airport has constant air connections to many European cities and airports in North America, Asia and Africa.

The railway connects the Malaga city to airport, Fuengirola resort and some other places on the coast (there are plans to continue the road to Marbella). To west of the region is located “Costa de la Luz” coast, to east is located “Costa Tropical” coast.

Learn more about Costa del Sol.

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Costa Tropical

“Costa Tropical” resort region is located between the “Costa del Sol” and “Costa de Almeria” in Andalusia, in the province of Granada, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The “Costa Tropical” coastline is more than 100 kilometers long. Coast stretches from La Rabita in the east to La Herradura on the west. Sierra Nevada Mountain range affects the climate of the region. It drops more rain than in Malaga city region here. Winter of this coast is warmer, and the summer is not as hot as on the “Costa del Sol”.

The most famous cities on the coast are Almuñécar and Motril. There are also interesting places for lovers of history and attractions on the coast: rock paintings in the caves near the Nerja town, the Roman Empire ruins. Granada town is the administrative and cultural center of the province. One of the King of Spain residences is located near the town of Motril.

TicketsRailway tickets can be purchased on the internet. You can at least find out the train schedule and train travel prices online and buy a ticket later at the station.

Costa de Almería

“Costa de Almería” resort region located in the southeast of Andalusia in Spain. The coastline of Costa de Almería is 217 kilometers long. Among the most popular places on the “Costa de Almería” coast are Vera, Mojácar, Roquetas de Mar, Almerimar, the “Cabo de Gata-Níjar” Natural Park, “Punta Entinas-Sabinar” nature reserve. Large number of beaches is located on the coast of the Almería province.


Autonomous Community of Murcia (Región de Murcia) is located in southern Spain, between Andalusia and Valencia. Capital of the region is the Murcia city. It is the seventh most populous city in Spain. The main attraction of the city is its Cathedral. Most popular settlements in the region of Murcia are also Cartagena, Lorca and “Caravaca de la Cruz”.

Weather in Murcia now

There is a Mediterranean climate, with warm winters and hot summers, on the coast in the Murcia region. The number of sunny days is about 300 on average per year. The air can be heated to 16°C in January (the coldest month of the year). In August (the warmest month of the year), daytime temperatures often exceed 30°C. The maximum temperature in the region of Murcia 46.1°C was recorded in July 1994. Small amount of precipitation falls in the region.

San Javier Airport (Murcia-San Javier Airport) is located about 45 kilometers from the city of Murcia, near the “Mar Menor” Lake, near the San Javier town.

The railway connects the region with the cities Madrid, Valencia and Montpellier (France). Local rail lines connect Murcia with Alicante, Alcantarilla, Lorca and Águilas.

Mediterranean coast in the region of Murcia has the name “Costa Calida” (Warm Coast).

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Costa Calida

“Costa Cálida” coast has a length about 200 kilometers from the “El Mojón” village in the north-east (slightly north of “Mar Menor”) to “Cuatro Calas” place in the southwest (municipality of Águilas). There are a large number of sandy beaches on the coast (about 190). Part of the coast is rocky shore. The region has well developed services designed for tourists: excursions by sea and on the bus, diving and golf.

The main natural attraction of the coast is the largest natural salt lake in Europe – “Mar Menor” (translated as small sea). Mar Menor lagoon is separated from the sea by a narrow, sandy strip length about 22 kilometers, which is called “La Manga”. Mar Menor is declared as protected natural area. Near is located “Arenales de San Pedro del Pinatar” Natural Park.

To the west of “Costa Cálida” coast is located “Costa de Almería” resort region (Andalusia), to east is located “Costa Blanca” resort region (Valencia).

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Are you looking for a nice place to spend your holiday in Spain? There are many villas and holiday homes on the coast. For example: Villa Carrer del Gerret is located near the seashore, in the municipality of El Campello. The distance to Benidorm is about 17 kilometers, to Alicante airport 30 kilometers, to the beach - 600 meters.
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Valencia region (Comunidad Valenciana) located on the east of Spain. Capital of the autonomous community of Valencia is Valencia City. Region is divided on three provinces: Alicante (Alacant), Castellon (Castelló) and Valencia. The length of the Mediterranean coast in Valencia is 518 km. On the coast of the Valencia region are three resort areas: Costa Blanca, Costa de Valencia and Costa del Azahar.

Weather in Valencia

Valencia is located in the Mediterranean climate zone, with hot and dry summers. Winter on the north coast of Valencia is colder than on the south. There are more rainfalls. The greatest number of rains falls in spring and autumn.

In January (the coldest month of the year), maximum day temperature is between 10 and 20°C in the Valencia region. In August (the warmest month of the year), the air warms up during the day above 30°C. The sea temperature in August is about 25°C.

There are a large number of architectural monuments and museums that can attract tourists in Valencia. Valencia City also has a sufficient amount of exhibition halls and conference centers for international business meetings and events.

The most well-known events in the region:

  • “Fallas” festival (Las Fallas) annually held in Valencia from 14 to 19 March. During the festival are held costume parades and fireworks.
  • “Tomatina” festival in Buñol. The festival is held on the last Wednesday of August. Participants throw tomatoes at each other during the event (there are some rules that are required to comply).

There are two international airports in Valencia region.
Alicante International Airport (Alicante-Elche Airport) is the sixth by number of served passenger’s airport in Spain. Airport serves tourists of the Valencia and Murcia regions. Alicante airport is located at a distance 9 kilometers from Alicante, about 160 kilometers from the city of Valencia, about 70 kilometers from the Murcia city. Approximately 80% of airport passenger traffic is tourists from different countries (the largest number from Germany, the UK and the Netherlands).
Valencia Airport (also known as Manises Airport) is the 8th by number of passenger’s airport in Spain. The airport is located 8 kilometers to west of the Valencia city. Valencia airport handled about 5 million passengers in 2011.

Seaport of Valencia is one of the largest ports in Spain and the Mediterranean Sea. Port serves a large number of cruise ships during the tourist season. Passenger ships from the port of Valencia go to the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Majorca), in Italy and in other ports of Spain. In the cruise terminal is located a tourist information point (Tourist-Info Puerto). The port is located at a distance about 5 kilometers from the city center. The nearest metro station is “Grau Canyamelar” (Plaza Armada Española).

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Costa Blanca

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The resort region “Costa Blanca” (White Coast) is located on the Mediterranean coast of Valencia, in the Alicante province, between towns Dénia in the north and “Pilar de la Horadada” in the south. Costa Blanca coastline length is about 200 kilometers. Approximately half coast length occupies beaches. The greatest number of tourists comes here from the UK and Germany. The most popular tourist destination towns on the coast are Benidorm, Alicante, Dénia, Xàbia (Javea), Torrevieja. There is a regular bus service along the coastline of the Costa Blanca between all resorts.

On the northern part of the coast (Marina Alta) are many rocky places near the beaches. In the central part of the coast (near Benidorm town) are located most popular beaches, such as Levante, Poniente and Malpas. On the south also are many lovely, long, sandy beaches. There are also nudist beaches on the coast.
Benidorm is often called the capital of the Costa Blanca. There are a popular water park (Aqualandia) and amusing park (Terra Mitica) located in Benidorom.

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Costa de Valencia

The resort area “Costa Valencia” (Costa de Valencia) is located in the central part of the Mediterranean coast of Valencia. Very often it is referred to the coast of the “Costa Blanca” or “Costa del Azahar”. The main resorts cities of “Costa de Valencia” are Valencia, Oliva, Sagunto, Gandia, Cullera.
Near the city of Valencia are located beaches “Playa de las Arenas”, “Malvarrosa”, “El Cabañal”, “Pinedo Beach”, “L'Arbre del Gos Beach”, “Malvarrosa” beach. To get to the beaches is possible by bus number 19 from the “Plaza de la Reina”.

Costa del Azahar

“Costa Azahar” resort area (Orange Blossom Coast) is located in the province Castellon, from Vinaròs to Almenara. “Costa del Azahar” coastline is about 120 kilometers long. It is also known by the name of “Costa dels Tarongers” (orange trees beach). On this stretch of coastline are located villages Peníscola, Benicàssim and Castelló de la Plana.
“Costa del Azahar” name traditionally was also extended to coast near Valencia city, but now a region of Valencia is promoting to the tourist as “Costa de Valencia”.


Autonomous Community of Catalonia (Cataluña) is located in the northeast of Spain. To north from Catalonia is located France, to west is located Valencia, to south-east is the Mediterranean Sea. Administrative center of the Catalonia is the Barcelona. Other major cities in Catalonia are Tarragona, Lleida, Girona, Manresa, Igualada, Martorell, Terrassa and Sabadell. The coastline on the Catalonia territory is approximately 580 kilometers long. Catalonia attracts many tourists thanks to lots of attractions and nice beaches on the Mediterranean coast. The ports of Barcelona and Tarragona serve large number passengers of cruise ships during the tourist season.

The most popular places among tourists in Catalonia are Barcelona and Tarragona cities, beaches of the “Costa Brava”, “Costa Daurada” resort coasts and beaches close to the Barcelona city. There are several ski resorts near Lleida in the Pyrenees in Catalonia.

Beach in La Pineda near Tarragona

The weather in the summer and early fall on the Mediterranean coast of Catalonia is most favorable for beach lovers. In summer, the air temperature often rises to 30°C and above. Sea temperature near Barcelona in August is about 25°C.


Barcelona is the second most populous city in Spain, the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia. Barcelona is located at a distance 120 kilometers from the border with France. It is one of the most popular by tourist’s cities in Europe, and the most popular tourist city in Spain. It is one of the most visited cities on Mediterranean Sea shores.

Sagrada Familia “Barcelona - El Prat Airport” (Aeroport de Barcelona - el Prat, Barcelona Airport) is located at a distance about 12 kilometers south-west from the Barcelona. It is the second largest airport by passenger traffic in Spain (after Madrid Barajas Airport). The Barcelona airport served 35,1 million passengers in 2012.

Girona-Costa Brava Airport (Aeropuerto de Girona-Costa Brava) is located in the northeast part of Catalonia, approximately 12 kilometers from the Girona city, near the village “Vilobí d'Onyar”. Distance from the airport to Barcelona is 92 kilometers.

Reus Airport located at a distance about 7.5 kilometers from the Tarragona city, in the “Costa Daurada” resort region. Airport serves a large number of coming to seaside resorts tourists.

Costa Dorada

“Costa Dorada” resort coast (Gold Coast) is located in the southwestern part of Catalonia, between the town “Villanova i la Geltru” and “Valencia” city. This part of the Mediterranean Sea coast is located in the province of Tarragona. The main town on the “Costa Dorada” coast is Tarragona.

There are sandy beaches and rocky shore places on the coast. The total length of this part of coastline is 92 kilometers. The region is protected from the northern winds by the mountains. It is believed that the Costa Dorada is well suited as a destination for summer holidays for families with children.

The main tourist centers of the region are Tarragona, Salou, Calafell, La Pineda, Platja, Miami Platja o El Vendrell. There is a wide range of hotels, restaurants, entertainment places. Region promotes itself on the tourist market as place for sports (water sports and golf), for lovers of gastronomy and wine tourism. Most quiet places are located southwest from Salou (there are fewer tourists and entertainments).

Many beaches are certified by environmental management standard (ISO 14001:2004), which is evidence of its safety. There are several entertainment parks in the Costa Dorada region: “Port Aventura”, “Aqualeon” (in Albinyana), “Aquopolis” (in La Pineda).
In the south of the Costa Dorada is a national nature reserve “Delta del Ebro”.

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Tarragona city is located in the southwestern part of Catalonia, on the Mediterranean coast. The city's population is about 140,000 people. Distance from Tarragona to Barcelona is 98 kilometers. There are interesting sights of the Roman Empire in the city and next to it (amphitheater, aqueduct and others). At a distance of about 7.5 kilometers from the city of Tarragona is located Reus airport. The city has a bus service to the Barcelona city.

Costa del Garraf

“Costa del Garraf” coast is located to southwest of the Barcelona, between the mouth of the Llobregat river (next to the airport) and the “Vilanova i la Geltru” town. To west of this region is located Costa Dorada resort coast, to east is located the Barcelona city. This small part of coast was often named as part of the Costa Dorada coast.

In the resort region “Costa del Garraf” are located many sandy beaches, many of which have flat bottom. Among the best beaches are called (from west to east): Platja del Prat (El Prat de Llobregat), Gavà Mar (Gavà), Platja de Castelldefels, Platja de Ribes-Roges (Vilanova i la Geltrú), Platja d 'Adarró (Vilanova i la Geltrú), Platja de Sant Gervasi (Vilanova i la Geltrú), Platja Llarga (Cubelles).

The most famous towns on the coast are Gava, Castelldefels, Sitges and “Vilanova i la Geltru”.
Sitges town is located at a distance of 35 kilometers south-west from Barcelona. This is the most popular seaside resort on the coast. Within the urban area are located some sandy beaches. There is information that the city is popular with gay tourists. Get to the Sitges town from Barcelona is possible by rail or by bus.

Costa Brava

The northern part of the Mediterranean coast of Spain is known as the “Costa Brava”. “Costa Brava” coast has a length approximately 160 kilometers from the Blanes town to the border with France. There are cliffs interspersed with small bays, large and sandy beaches on the coast. The best time for a trip to Costa Brava is from May to mid-September.

Among the main tourist centers of the coast are L'Escala, L'Estartit, Calonge, Blanes, Lloret de Mar, Playa de Aro, Palamos. Lloret de Mar is one of the main tourist centers of the coast.

There are several campgrounds where you can find place for a tent, park your caravan or rent a small bungalow by reasonably priced on the coast. For example: “Mas Patoxas” camping, “Cala Llevado” camping.

Girona city is located at a distance about 100 kilometers from the city of Barcelona and at a distance about 30 kilometers from the coast. This is one of the biggest cities in the region. The city is home to about 97,000 people. The Girona city is the administrative center of the province of Girona. Lovers of history and architecture might be interested in several churches and ancient fortifications.
Trip from Barcelona to Girona takes a little over 1 hour. Girona-Costa Brava Airport is located approximately 10 kilometers south of the city.

Distance from Girona to Toulouse (France) is about 300 km, to the city of Montpellier (France) - 250 kilometers (distance by road) and to Cannes - 540 km.

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Spain plans to start letting foreign tourists one of the last in Europe. Most likely, the restrictions will be lifted on July 1, 2020.
(The Canary and Balearic Islands may begin to receive tourists a little earlier.)

At the same time, Spain would like to receive the largest number of tourists from among European countries this summer.
It is possible. Spain is a good destination for spending summer holidays.

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