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BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E STREET BAND in Helsinki 31.7 tickets available 25.1

Submitted by Анонимный (ei varmistettu) on Su, 01/22/2012 - 19:14


I`m guy from Finnish Springsteen Fan Forum This Hard Land.
We got great hype on our forum to advertise concert every place we can, Sweden, Norway, Estonia and You. Weve done a huge job to get that concert to Finland, it wasnt there on original concert Schedule,but on last tuesday it comes. Wed connect,preasured and prayed Springsteens management,Springsteens agent ja Finnish Concert organisation Live Nation to get Springsteen to Finland, and result is this, were on heaven now.

But i dont know places where i can reach St Petersburg crowd who likes Springsteen`s music, and overall rockmusic at all.
It`s great chance for you now see Springsteens concert cause he perfoms now so near. I have to find places for info that tickets are available next wednesday 25.1, its great if you find some places, where you all see it clearly now next 3 days.

I mean that its have to be shown all these days before ticket sales starts, cause i think them sell such fast, and we fans want that cause that maybe open change and possibility to get another gig.

On Göteborg Sweden 150000 tickets went 3 hours, Bergen 50000 about same time.
Thats reason why you St Peterburg fans also have to be ready when the ticket sale starts and i want these 3days.

And thousands of thanks for answers to you already!!:

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