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“Suomenlinna” is one of the main attractions of the Helsinki. Each year this place is visited by about 700,000 people, mostly in the summer. “Suomenlinna” fortress is a popular holiday destination with tourists and residents of the Helsinki. Since 1991 Suomenlinna is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Suomenlinna is a military fortifications that were built on the islands at a distance of about 1 kilometer south-east of the center of Helsinki. On the territory of Suomenlinna are 8 islands. The construction of military fortifications here was started in 1748 by Sweden. At that time fort was called “Sveaborg”. In 1808 the fortress was captured by Russian troops. After declaration of independence of Finland, the fortress became the territory of Finland (1918) and was renamed “Suomenlinna” (Finland Fortress). In 1973 the fortress lost its military significance and was transferred to civilian authorities. The islands have become one of the areas of Helsinki. Currently on the islands permanently reside about 800 people.

There are 6 museums, nine restaurants, six kilometers of walls, over 100 guns and gun trunks, 290 buildings at the present time in the fortress of Suomenlinna. Museums of Suomenlinna: Museum of Suomenlinna, Ehrensvärd museum, Museum of Toys in the Suomenlinna (Suomenlinnan Lelumuseo), Manege Military Museum (Finnish Sotamuseon Maneesi), submarine “Vessiko” museum, Customs Museum (Tullimuseo) .

Entrance to the fortress is free; you only pay when visiting museums.
There is a Suomenlinna hostel on the islands, which has 38 places for tourists.

To get to the Suomenlinna is possible by ferries, which regularly depart from the Market Square of Helsinki from 6 am to 2:20 am. The cost of return ticket (in 2012, the ticket is valid for 12 hours) is 5 euros. In summer to Suomenlinna goes also “water buses” JT-Line. Helsinki card holders can use the ferry and visit all the museums in the castle for free.

“Suomenlinna” fortress location is marked on the map.

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