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Sightseeing, museums and attractions in Tampere

Central square

The central square of Tampere (Keskustori) is located in the historic city center, on the west bank of the river Tammerkoski. It hosts many important and interesting events such as concerts, fairs and political events. In the central square located: Town Hall, Old Church (Vanha kirkko) and the city theater.

“Hämeenkatu” Street

“Hyamenkatu” street is considered as the main street of the city. Street is about one kilometer in length and width up to 28 meters. It stretches from east to west, past the central square from the train station to the Hyamenpuysto boulevard. The street is covered by a stone pavement along the entire length. On the street Hyamenkatu are situated: Hotel Tampere, department store Stockmann, department store Sokos, the Town market building.

Boulevard “Hämeenpuisto”

Boulevard Hyamenpuysto (Park 'Hame') is a park, which stretches from north to east, from the park “Näsinpuisto” to the park “Eteläpuisto” (South Park). The length of the boulevard (esplanade) is about 1 kilometer. Near the boulevard are located: Lutheran Church Aleksanterinkirkko, TTT Theatre (Tampereen Työväen Teatteri), the Lenin Museum.

Tampere Cathedral

Tampere Cathedral (Tampereen tuomiokirkko) is known for its wall murals. The cathedral was built in 1907. The authors of the frescoes are Finnish artists Magnus Enkel and Hugo Simberg. The cathedral is situated in the central part of town, on the east bank of the river Tammerkoski, next to the railroad.

Tower Näsinneula

Tower Näsinneula (Näsi Lake needle) is located on the shores of Lake Näsijärvi. The height of the tower (with antenna) is 168 meters. At an altitude of 124 meters is an observation deck and revolving restaurant. The tower is an object of amusement park Särkänniemi. This is the second largest observation tower in northern Europe (after Kaknästornet in Stockholm). In clear weather from the observation deck you can survey the area to a distance of more than 20 kilometers. Construction of the tower was completed in 1971.

Observation tower "Pyynikin näkötorni"

Observation tower "Pyynikin näkötorni" is located on a ridge Pyynikinharju. The tower has a height of 26 meters and stands on a ridge at an altitude of 152 meters above sea level. The tower was built of red granite, which was brought from the Aland Islands.

Amusement Park “Särkänniemen Elämyspuisto”

Amusement Park Särkänniemi (Särkänniemi) is located in the northern part city of Tampere, on the shore of the lake. This is one of the largest and most popular amusement parks in Finland. The park was opened in 1975. The park has many different attractions, there is also a planetarium, an aquarium, a children zoo and dolphinarium. The park also houses the Art Museum of Sara Hilden (Sara Hildénin taidemuseo). Amusement park is open from early May to late August. The park is visited by about 700,000 people a year. Here is an observation tower with rotating restaurant Näsinneula.

Spy Museum

A small, peaceful country of Finland does not intervene in international conflicts. As it turns out such places are like spies! In 1998 in the city of Tampere was opened the first museum of spying in the world. Visitors can not only not only to see the exhibits, but also to pass a spy test in the museum. The museum are visiting by more than 20,000 visitors per a year (by published in internet information). About half the visitors are foreigners, most of them are citizens of Russia, the USA, Germany, France, Japan and the UK. Spy Museum is open every day except certain holidays. Works spy shop. The museum is located in the center of Tampere, in the former factory Finlayson building. Address: Satakunnankatu 18, Tampere.

Lenin Museum

Lenin Museum in Tampere (Lenin-museo) is located in the city center on boulevard Hämeenpuisto. This is the first museum of Lenin, created outside the Soviet Union, and allegedly the only one currently permanent Lenin Museum in the world. The museum is located in the same room where, in 1905 first met Lenin and Stalin. A year later, here Lenin promised to recognize the independence of Finland, when the Bolsheviks came to power. The museum belongs to "Finland-Russia"society, it is supported by the municipality of Tampere and the Ministry of Education. Address: Hämeenpuisto 28, Tampere, Finland.


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