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Berlin-Brandenburg airport

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Airplain in airport The international airport of Berlin (Berlin Brandenburg International; BER). Berlin's new airport.

Date of opening of the airport was repeatedly postponed. It is currently estimated that the airport can start operate in the spring of 2074. Earlier it was planned to open the airport Brandenbrg Berlin in June 2012.

Before the opening of a new airport in Berlin passengers continue to serve two airports.

Berlin Tegel Airport (Flughafen Berlin-Tegel) is located in the administrative district of Reinickendorf, in Tegel.

Schönefeld Airport (Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld) located in the municipality of Schönefeld district Dahme-Spreewald at a distance of 22 kilometers to the south-east of the city center. Nearby is the railway station Berlin-Schönefeld. The airport is also accessible by bus.

Near the airport Berlin-Schönefeld completed construction of the new airport Berlin-Brandenburg. Airprt Schönefeld Tegel Airport will be closed after the official opening of the new airport.

Airport is located in Brandenburg, near the city of Berlin at a distance of about 18 kilometers from the from the city center. It is planned to close airports “Berlin-Schönefeld” and “Berlin Tegel” after opening new airport. Airport is designed to serve 30-50 million passengers per year. The airport is connected with Berlin by rail. At the lower level of the airport terminal is located a railway station. From the railway station go trains to many Germany cities and also in Poland and Czech Republic. You can easy to get to the airport from the central station of Berlin.

Public transport connects the airport wit Berlin. X7 and X11 buses run to subway station U-Bahn Rudow. Bus X11 run to Lichterfelde-West and Dahlem. There are many other bus routes at which you can reach Berlin from the airport.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin Berlin airport Berlin-Brandenburg is the most modern airport in Europe. Airport designers tried to make it convenient and friendly for passengers. Everything passengers need is located at most short distance. Airport terminal is located between two parallel runways. The railway station is located under the airport terminal. The airport has convenient access to highways. Brandenburg Airport is convenient for passengers, smart and modern airport. The airport will serve not only residents and guests of Berlin, but also passengers from other cities of Germany and neighboring countries. At first, the airport can take up to 25 million passengers a year. In the future, the airport can be expanded to serve 45 million passengers per year.

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Total area: 280,000 m ²
Width 220 meters, the depth 180 meters, the height 32 meters.

The terminal floors

level U2 - railway cars, service stations.
level U1 - level crossings of the railway station to the terminal and AirportCity
level E0 - inputs and outputs, incl. Security and access road
level E0Z - Technical floor (for the separation of passengers in accordance with the safety requirements
level E1 - outreach, registration, safety inspection, retail, cafe and lounge
level E2 - waiting rooms, offices
level E3 - Halls
level of E4 - Terrace

Railway station

Railway station “Berlin Brandenburg Airport” is located under the main terminal. The railway provides easy access to Berlin and the suburbs of Berlin. From the station will also be run trains in other cities in Germany and neighboring countries (Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic). It is believed that approximately half of the clients will use a public airport (railway and bus) transport.

Business Park

Near the airport will be built Business Park North, in which will be everything that business people and tourists needs (hotels, restaurants, offices, shops).

Near the airport is a multifunctional Exhibition Centre “Berlin ExpoCenter Airport” (opening spring 2012), which belongs to the exhibition center Messe Berlin. It hosts aviation-related exhibitions, such as ILA Berlin Air.

Governmental terminal

The airport will serve also the federal government of Germany. For service of government and state government visits will be built special terminal. The Government terminal will provide comfort and safety for German government.

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