“Adam” and “Eve” fountains

These two fountains are located in different parts of the “Lower Park” of Peterhof. It is the oldest fountains of Peterhof.
The “Adam” fountain and the “Eve” fountain was made after the images of famous works of A. Rizzi, that are decorating the stairs of the “Palace of the Doges” in Venice. Fountains have been were completely ready in 1726.

“Eva” fountain is situated in the eastern part of the park. Eve sculpture keeps in one hand the apple. What else she want to suggest for Adam.

Sculpture of Adam is in the western part of the park and is separated from Eve (away from the temptations) by canal. Adam looks up. What about is he thinking? About business? About the hunting? About fishing? Surely, not about Eve.

“Adam” and “Eve” fountains
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