The Tallinn Town Hall

Tallinn Town Hall is located on the main square of the Old Town of Tallinn (City Hall Square). The Town Hall was built in 1402-1404 years. It is the only fully preserved in Western Europe town hall, built in the Gothic style.

At the Town Hall tower in 1530 was set weathervane, made in the form of guard. Located on the tower Old Toomas (Vana Toomas) is one of the symbols of the city. (The steeple is a copy of the wind vane, the original is kept in the town hall.)

On the Town Hall Square are located many cafes. There are hekd many interesting events for tourists. Near is located a tourist information point.
The photo shows part of the Town Hall and Town Hall Square.
To the Town Hall and Town Hall Square can walk down the Viru street from the city center or through Great Coastal Gate from the passenger port.

See the attractions and interesting places location on a Tallinn map.

The Tallinn Town Hall
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