Zoo in Saint Petersburg

Polar bear photo Zoo of Saint Petersburg (Зоопарк, Leningrad Zoo) is one of the oldest zoos in Russia and one of the northernmost zoo in the world. It began operate in 1865 as a private menagerie, and still pleases Saint Petersburg residents and tourists. The zoo is located in the historic city center, near its main attractions. Peter and Paul Fortress are located near the zoo. A lot of tourists always are on this area. Many of them wish to visit the zoo. Leningrad Zoo is a unique living museum of nature in the heart of a major city. It contains more than 650 animal species.

The zoo currently occupies an area of 7.4 hectares and is one of the smallest zoos in Russia. Here you can see the inhabitants of all continents of the Earth. The zoo practically is not grown since the founding, and this is its main problem. It is planned to build a new zoo in the Petersburg neighborhood Yuntolovo.

The new zoo will be a branch of the existing zoo. At the heart of the city remain smaller animals and larger will be transferred to Yuntolovo. According to forecasts, the new zoo will attend about 1,5 - 2 million visitors.

Ticket price (2013)

  • Adults - 350 rubles
  • Students - 150 rubles
  • School children - 100

Open 10:00 to 20:00.
Address: 197198 Russia, St. Petersburg, Alexander Park, 1,
The nearest metro station: “Gorkovskaya”.

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