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Tourists will pay more in Berlin hotels

Submitted by Serg A Nik on Fri, 04/26/2013 - 17:14

Tourism brings significant revenue in the budgets of many cities and countries. But there are many who want to get from tourists even more. Berlin administration decided to impose a tax on tourists recently. The so-called city tax is five percent of the cost of living in hotels, hostels and campsites. Those who rent apartments on his journey in Berlin will also pay more.

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It is assumed that a tax on tourists not reduce the number of people coming to Berlin. But it would certainly be able to spoil the mood, impair impressions of the time spent in the city. It is possible that higher prices of hotels will reduce the of the tourists trips duration in Berlin.

Berlin hopes to receive additional annual revenue of around 25 million euros. Coming to Berlin for more than three weeks people exempted from the tax business.

Each year, the capital of Germany receives 20 million tourists. This is the most popular city in Germany. Berlin authorities are hoping to get from tourists and up to an additional 25 million euros per year.

Tourist tax is paid in many European cities. For example, in many Italian cities have to pay extra for foreign tourists in hotels (the size of the tax depends on the number of stars the hotel; campsites do not have to pay tax). A similar tax has to be paid in the hotels of the city of Cologne. No doubt, other European cities will impose a tax on tourists, trying to solve their problems at the expense of tourists. A bad example is as infectious.

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