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Capri island

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Capri island is situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea (part of the Mediterranean Sea), near the city of Naples. The island territory is about 10 km². The length of the island from west to east is about 6 kilometers, from north to south about 2.5 kilometers. The main city of the island is Capri city. The island's population is about 14,000 people. Distance from Naples to Capri is about 35 kilometers.

Capri town is located at the narrowest point of the island, on its eastern part. “Marina Piccola” harbor located to south of the town, to north of the town is the “Marina Grande” harbor. In the western part of the island is the Anacapri town. The island is a popular seaside resort. The coast is indented with numerous coves and bays that alternate with steep cliffs.

Isle of Capri was a resort in the time of the Roman Republic. On the island enjoyed spending time many famous people. There had their villas Roman emperors Tiberius and Augustus. At various times, on the island lived Emil Behring, Ivan Bunin, Maxim Gorky, Lenin, Tchaikovsky, Winston Churchill, D. Eisenhower and many other famous peoples.

Capri is a popular destination for summer holidays both for foreign tourists and the inhabitants of Italy. Many tourists make day trips to the Capri Island by boat from Naples or Sorrento during the summer. There are 12 churches and several museums on the island. The most popular attraction of the island is the “Blue Grotto” (Grotta Azzurra). Grotto is located in the northwestern part of the island. It was discovered in the 19th century by foreign tourists.

The island of Capri can be reached by boat from Naples, Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi. Trip from Naples by ferry takes about 80 minutes or 40 minutes on hydrofoil. The trip from Sorrento takes less time. Ships to the island of Capri depart in Naples from “Molo Beverello” passenger terminal and from the Mergellina port (about 3 kilometers to west of the fortress “Castel dell'Ovo”).

The nearest airport to the island is the airport of Naples (Napoli-Capodichino).



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