Street Food in Thailand

There are large number of cafes and restaurants in tourist cities in Thailand. Most cafes prices are significantly lower than in European countries. Especially beneficial is to eat local dishes. Exotic for Thailand dishes (Italian, French or Russian cuisine) are significantly more expensive. There are also a large number of street food vendors on the streets.

Street Food in Thailand A large variety of food is selling on the street: kebabs, soups, pancakes, fruit.... The photo shows sellers pancakes and grilled meat in the center of Pattaya. Pancakes with bananas and mangoes are popular with tourists.

Foods from street vendors regularly buy locals residents. Often for preparation and sale of food using trailers attached to the motor scooter. The question arises: how safe is buying ready meals from street vendors in Thailand?

Photos were taken during a trip to Thailand in December 2013. Banana pancakes were sold for 40 baht, with mango - 60 baht.

Street Food in Thailand
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