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Where to find a toilet in St. Petersburg

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Touristic Trip is not only guided tours, museums, concerts, theaters and walks in beautiful places. Being in an unfamiliar town have to deal with the most common things. Must not only find where to stay and where to eat, but also where to find the toilet. Where it is possible to find a toilet in St. Petersburg?

Toilets are available in almost all major shopping centers of the city. Typically, it is free toilets (2014). They are in good condition. In many places there are also rooms for childcare.

Cafes and restaurants. Almost all cafes and restaurants has toilets. For example, all McDonald's restaurants network has a toilet. Some cafes and restaurants allow to use the toilet only to their clients,
sometimes ask for a small fee.

Toilets are available close to most subway stations.

a toilet next to a metro station

The photo shows a toilet next to a metro station (look behind lobby of the station).

Hotels. Toilets are available in all hotels, But let there any outsiders or not is unknown.

Railway stations. All raiway stations and the airport of St. Petersburg have toilets. At stations toilets can be paid.

Petrol stations. Many large gas stations has a café and toilets. Typically, it is free toilets.

In most crowded places often are installed pay toilets. For example , toilets set on the outskirts of the Palace Square, near many metrostations. Sometaims they are not perfectly clean.



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