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Shopping malls “Gorod”

Submitted by Serg A Nik on Wed, 06/18/2014 - 11:14

“Gorod” Lefortovo

Shopping and entertainment center “Gorod Lefortovo” located at a distance of about 6 kilometers east of the center of Moscow, near the intersection of “Entusiastov” highway and Dushinskiy street. More than 250 shops, cafes and different services are located in the shopping center.
There are such popular stores as “Auchan”, “Leroy Merlin” “Decathlon”, “M. Video” located in the shopping center “Gorod Lefortovo”. There you can buy fashionable clothes and footwear, household goods, appliances for the home.
In the trade and entertainment complex is located a cinema “Kronverk Cinema” and an ice rink.

Address: Moscow, Entusiastov street, 12.
Nearest metro stations: “Aviamotornaja” (760 m), “Rimskaya” (1.5 km.), Ploschad Lenina” (1.6 km.).

Shopping Centre “Gorod” Ryazanka

The shopping mall is located in the eastern part of Moscow, “Ryazanski prospekt” street, at a distance about 7 kilometers from the city center. In a shopping center is possible to buy everything you need in everyday life. Some of the located here shops: hypermarket “Auchan”, shops “Eldorado”, “Children”, “Sportmaster”, “Zara”.

There are a large number of cafes and restaurants on the second floor.
There is free playground for visitors with children (where parents can leave their children under the supervision of a professional educator).
The shopping mall regularly hosts a variety of entertainment activities.

Address: Moscow, “Ryazanskoje shosse” street, 2/2.
The nearest metro station “Tekstilschiki” is located at a distance 2.4 kilometers.

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