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Metro station "Ploshchad Lenina"

Metro station “Ploshchad Lenina” (Lenin Square, Площадь Ленина) in St. Petersburg is located on the right bank of the Neva River, near the waterfront, next to the “Finlandski voksal” railwaystation. The metro station “Ploshchad Lenina” is located on “Kirovsko-Vyborgskaya” subway line (line 1, red line), between stations “Chernishevskaya” and “Vyborgskaya”.

St. Petersburg metro map and useful information The station was opened on 1 June 1958. Next to the station is Lenin Square (between the “Finlandski” railway station and the shore of the Neva River). This explains the choice of the station name. The station has two ground lobbies. One of it is built in “Finlandski voksal” railwaystation building. The lobby has exits in “Finlandski voksal” railwaystation and to the “Komsomolskaya” street (Lenin Square). On the wall of the hall is mosaic depicting Lenin.

Second lobby is located at the Botkinskaya street near the raiwaystation. The lobby was opened in 1962.

Both exits from the station equipped with three escalators. Lifting height is 65.8 meters, the length of the escalator 131.6 meters.

From the metro station Ploshchad Lenina is possible to get to the northern districts of the “Leningradskaya oblast” region by railway. From “Finlandski voksal” railwaystation also is possible to get to the city center by trolleybus (eg number 3 to Nevsky Prospect) and buses (such as bus number 100 to the “Ploschad Iskusstv”). One of the attractions of St. Petersburg Cruiser Aurora is located at walking distance.

There are some places of interest, located near the “Ploshchad Linina” metro station in St. Petersburg:

  • “Finlandski voksal” railwaystation (trains to the city of Vyborg and Priozersk). “Allegro” train to Helsinki (Finland).
  • “Saint-Petersburg” hotel. (Distance about 850 meters. Book it.)
  • Medical military academy.
  • Artillery military academy.
  • Concert Hall "Aurora".
  • Aesthetic Surgery and Cosmetology clinic.

Go to St. Petersburg metro map.

For more information on travelling via the Saint Petersburg metro, please visit the VISIT-PLUS St. Petersburg metro page.

Lenin Square subway station location on the map


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