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Lomonosov Moscow State University

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Moscow State University emblemMoscow State University of MV Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) is the oldest, largest and most famous university in Russia.

University address: Russian Federation, Moscow, GSP-1, Leninskie Gory, Moscow State University of MV Lomonosov.

Decree on establishment of the university in the city of Moscow was signed by the Empress Elizabeth, January 12, 1755. This Day in Russia is considered a holiday of all students (Tatiana's Day).

Moscow State University is the largest institution of higher education in Russia. The University has at its disposal more than 600 buildings, including the main building on the Lenin (Vorobyovy) Hills. Total area of ​​the university is about 1 million square meters. The territory occupied by the university in Moscow is 205.7 hectares.

Moscow university

On the photo: Moscow University building, eastern facade.

Moscow University is the largest scientific center. The university library is one of the largest libraries of Russia.

Residence for students of the university has its own hostel. In the dormitories with a total area 292 thousand square meters is home to about 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

In the Moscow State University are also available: student theater, Research Zoological Museum, University Herbarium, creative club, mountain climbing club, the supercomputer SKIF, the museum of university history, botanic garden, a yacht club.

Moscow University is a partner of St. Petersburg University. The University maintains contacts with many universities in different countries.

Some statistics

The total number of students - 40 113
The total number of students of foreign nationals - 3740
Average cost of training programs for citizens of Russia and foreign citizens - 7200 EUR \ year.

The nearest metro station: "Universitet".

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