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Novoslobodskaya and Mendeleevskaya metro stations

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Novoslobodskaya and Mendeleevskaya metro stations in Moscow are located at distance approximately 3 kilometers to north-west of the city center (Red Square and the Kremlin).
Stations vestibules are located at a distance of about 300 meters apart near Novoslobodskaya Street. Novoslobodskaya station is located on the Koltsevaya metro line, and the Mendeleevskaya station on Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya Line of the Moscow Metro. Stations are connected to each other by transition.

Metro station “Novoslobodskaya”

Novoslobodskaya metro station is located on the Koltsevaya line (Circle Line) of the Moscow Metro between stations "Belorusskaya" and "Prospect Mira". The station was opened January 30, 1952. The station get name from the street, close to which it is located.

The station has a ground entrance hall, which is located at Novoslobodskaya Street 2. The lobby has access to the Novoslobodskaya and Seleznevskaya streets. The station ground vestibule is the object of cultural heritage.
In the eastern part of the hall is the transition to the station "Mendeleyevskaya" of Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line.

The station has an original design and may be interesting for tourists. There are 32 stained glass panels in the station hall. Stained glass panels were made in Riga, in the Latvian branch of the Art Fund of the USSR.

“Mendeleevskaya” metro station

Moscow metro map The “Mendeleevskaya” metro station is located on Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya Line of the Moscow underground, between the stations “Savelovskaya” and “Tsvetnoy Bulvar”. The station was opened 31 December 1988. The station is located at depth 48.5 meters. Russian Institute of Chemical Technology named after Mendeleev is located near the station. This explains the choice of the station name.

Subject of chemistry was used in the design of the station: the design of lamps reminiscent of the structure of the crystal lattice, the walls are decorated with inlays with stylized images of the deformation electron density of different binary molecules. The ideas proposed by staff of Institute of Chemical Technology.

The station has one lobby. The lobby has access to the underground passages near the house №23 on Novoslobodskaya Street. In the southern part of the underground hall of the station is the transition to the station "Novoslobodskaya" of Koltsevaya Line.

There is a monument to stray dogs in the underground passage: a bronze figure of a dog on a low pedestal.

Novosloyuodskaya and Mendeleevskaya are the nearest metro station for:

  • Russian University of Chemical Technology named after DI Mendeleev. Address: Miusskaya square, 9, Moscow.
  • Russian State University for the Humanities. Address: Miusskaya square, 6.
  • Moscow State University of Railways. Address: Obraztsova Street, Building 9.

The nearest hotels:

  • Novotel Moscow Centre. Address: Novoslobodskaya Street 23, Moscow, Russia.
  • Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya. Address: Lesnaya street 15, Moscow, Russia.
  • Hotel Paradise on Novosloboskaya. Address: Palikha Street 1/36, Moscow, Russia.

Stations location on the map.

Metro station location  on the map



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