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“Baumanskaya” metro station in Moscow

“Baumanskaya” metro station in Moscow (Станция метро Бауманская) is located on Baumanskaya Street, at a distance approximately 100 meters south of the junction of Baumanskaya and Spartakovskaya streets. The distance to the city center (Kremlin and Red Square) is approximately 4.2 kilometers.
Baumanskaya station is located on Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line of the Moscow metro (line 3, blue line) between stations "Electrozavodskaya" and "Kurskaya".

The station was opened on 18 January 1944. The central hall of the station is located at a depth about 32 meters below the ground surface. The station has a ground entrance hall, situated on Baumanskaya Street. The station was opened during the World War 2. In the design of the station used the theme of the Soviet Union during the war.

The station is named in honor of N.Bauman. Nikolai Ernestovich Bauman (1873-1905) was a Russian revolutionary, Bolshevik activist.

Baumanskaya is the nearest metro station for:

  • Moscow children's theater stage. Address: Baumanskaya Street 32, Building 1, Moscow.
  • Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman. Address: 2nd Baumanskaya Street, 5, Moscow.
  • Shopping center "Elokhovsky Passage". Address: Baumanskaya Street, 32, building 2, Moscow.
  • Hotel "Eugene". Address: Friedrich Engels Street, 20, Moscow, Russia.
  • Hotel "Basmanka." Address: Bakuninskaya Street 6, Moscow, Russia.

Metro station location map.

Metro station location on the map


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