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Carnival in Venice 2020

Venice Carnival 2020 will be held from 08 to 25 February.

Dates of the main events of Venice carnival. Introductory information about events. Changes are possible. Check the information on the official website.

The main events of the Venice carnival are repeated every year, but these events dates are changed every year. A new carnival theme is announced each year. The carnival ends at Fat Tuesday, 40 days before Easter. Carnival starts on Saturday, two weeks before Fat Tuesday in Venice. The first event of the carnival, as a rule, is a celebration of the Venetians "La Festa Veneziana".


Registration for the competition for the best carnival mask (and carnival costume) will start after the announcement of the carnival theme. (Follow the information on the official site and on this page.)

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You can take part in the competition for the best carnival costume and the best mask. Participation in the contest is free for you. For participation in competition you need to download the form from the official website, enter the required information and send it by e-mail to the organizers. Further instructions you will receive by e-mail.

More detailed information can be found on the official website of the carnival.

Date: February 08, 2020. Saturday.

Grand Opening of the 2017 Venice Carnival will be held 11 and 12 February. Feast of the Venetians "La Festa Veneziana" is the main event of these days. Musicians and dancers will entertain the audience. Beginning: 18:00.

Date: February 09, 2020. Sunday.

It is the second day of the "La Festa Veneziana" feast. Water parade is the main event of the day. Colourful decorated boats will sail along the Canal Grande to the folkloristic district of Cannaregio. Beginning: 11:00.

Date: February 15, 2020. Saturday.

Start of main events (The Best Masked Costume Contest) will be held on the "Gran Teatro" stage on St. Mark’s Square with the competitor’s parade.

Beginning of the Festa delle Marie festival will be held February 18. The festival begins with a procession of Mary festival participants. Participants (12 beautiful girls) will go from San Piero di Castello via Garibaldi and the Riva degli Schiavoni to the San Marco square at 14:30 accompanied by assistants. At 16:00 the participants will be introduced to the public. Read more about the event.
Place: San Marco Square.

Date: February 16, 2020. Sunday.

Flight of the Angel. The girl in angel costume will fly along a rope from San Marco bell tower to the middle of the square. Activities for the public will begin at 10:30. The "Angel Flight" event will be held at noon. Traditionally, the role of the Angel will play the winner of the festival of Mary in 2019. Read more about the event.
Place: San Marco Square.

Mascaron in Venice

Date: February 23, 2020. Sunday.

12.00. "Flight of the donkey" (a parody of the flight of the angel in Mestre). Place: Piazza Ferretto square.

12.00. "Flght of the Eagle" (Volo dell’Aquila) on the Piazza San Marco. The event will start at 10:30. The “Eagle” will fly along a rope from the bell tower to the stage in San Marco Square.

The Best Masked Costume Contest award Ceremony will be held on the stage on St. Mark’s Square wit he competitors parade on stage. The jury will name the 2 winners of the two categories: Best Masked Costume and Best Masked Costume. Costumes and masks should match the theme of the Carnival. Start: 14:30. Read more about the event.
Place: San Marco square.

Date: February 25, 2020.

The ceremony of Maria coronation 2020 will be held on the staged on San Marco Square. “Maria 2020” will be named. The 12 Marie will arrive by boat on San Marco Square, leaving from Campo San Giacomo dell’Orio. Crowning ceremony of this carnival winning Maria will start at 4.00 pm.
Place: San Marco square.

Lion flight (Svolo del Leon). The flag with the image of the Golden Lion (the symbol of Venice) at 17:00 flies over Piazza San Marco. This event is a symbolic closure of a carnival.

Carnival at Arsenal

Some of the events of the Venice Carnival will take place at the Arsenal. (It is the former shipyard and a venue for various events now. Check the location on the Venice map.)

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