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New problems have arisen among tourists from Finland in the Russia.

Submitted by Serg A Nik on Fri, 12/18/2015 - 16:20

New problems have arisen among tourists from Finland in the Russia. The fact is that for a stay on the territory of the border zone for foreign citizens Russian visa is insufficient. To stay on the territory of the border zone have to have special permission. Arriving tourists must pass this territory without stopping.

This procedure was introduced in 2012, but until recently thre were no problems. In November, several Finnish tourists were detained near the checkpoint Wärtsilä. After a long interrogation, for violation of the border regime, they were fined. In order to pay the fine, they had to go to the town of Sortavala (60 km). Without it, they could not return to Finland (according to Finnish media). Tourists have lost time and money.

Why do tourists from Finland to stay in the border area of Russia? The fact is that on the territory of the border area for the convenience of tourists were built cafes, shops, gas stations, pharmacies, hotels. Many residents of the border settlements cross the border just to buy the right products here, to fill the car and go home. They do not represent any danger to the security of Russia, but under the current rules they have no rights to stop here and must follow on (this explanation, according to Finnish media, received from border officials Oleg Romanenko).

Finnish tourists were fined near the town of Sortavala only. Would such practice be common in the border zone in the area of border crossing points and Brusnichnoe and Torfyanovka still unknown. Tourists from Russia along trip to Finland after crossing the border do not experience any problems. Fine for a stop on the Russian border zone can be from 1 to 5 thousand rubles.

Foreign tourists are brought currency into the territory of Russia. It is more profitable than exports. Nothing needs to take abroad, foreigners bring their euros to Russia themselves. It would be advantageous to completely abolish visas for citizens of neighboring countries, and not to penalize them for minor violations.


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