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Sparrow Hills in Moscow

Sparrow Hills in Moscow (Воробьёвы горы, Vorobyovy Gory) is one of the most popular place among residents of the city. This place is often visited by tourists. There is good view of the city from the observation deck. It often hosts various competitions and other events. Sparrow Hills is one of the most popular attractions of Moscow.

Sparrow Hills is located on the right, high bank of the Moskva River area. The hilly, wooded terrain rises above the river at a height of 80 meters. The length along the Moscow River is about 3.7 kilometers. Sparrow Hills is located approximately 6.5 kilometers southwest of the Kremlin and Red Square. On the other side of the river is the Luzhniki Stadium.

The village originally belonged to the Vorobiev boyars was located since the beginning of the XIV century at this area. The village also was named Vorobyevo after their families. This explains the name of the place.

For centuries, the Sparrow Hills were a place where explorers and conquerors for the first time looked at the Moscow. In our time, the Sparrow Hills are visited by the majority of tourists. From 1935 to 1999, the area was called "Lenin Hills".

The most famous building on the Sparrow Hills is the main building of Moscow State University. There is also a ski jump and lit ski slope. Vorobyvskaya and Andreyevkaya embankments are parts of the Sparrow Hills. You can ride a bicycle, rollerblading, jogging or simply walk here.

The nearest metro station: Vorobyovy Gory.
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