St. Petersburg will be more comfortable for tourists from China

St. Petersburg becoming more and more popular destination for foreign tourists in recent years. This contributes to favorable foreign exchange rate. Number of tourists coming from China increased most notably.

St. Petersburg administration plans to make the city more convenient for Chinese tourists. Information will be duplicated in the Chinese language in the most visited places of the city. Information boards in the Chinese language are already available in Pulkovo airport, the passenger port and some other places. Many hotels of the city strive to be comfortable for tourists from China. Some hotels already have China friendly certification.

In 2015, St. Petersburg was visited by 6.5 million tourists. More then 2.8 million were foreign tourists. Most foreign tourists come from Germany, Italy and Finland. The number of Chinese tourists in St. Petersburg has doubled in 2015, comparison with the 2014 year. Growth in the number of tourists from China has been going on for several years. In addition to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Chinese tourists may be interested in and other cities of Russia, and also located on the coast of the Black Sea resorts.

St. Petersburg aims to be interesting for tourists from different countries, as well as for tourists from Russia. The town hosts many interesting events during the tourist season: festivals, concerts, exhibitions. It makes sense to go back to St. Petersburg again and again, and each time find something new and interesting here.

If you are a tourist from China and have visited Russia share your impressions in the comments at the bottom of the page please.

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