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Many travel lovers like to organize their trips themselves. The Internet is very useful for this. It is possible to book a room in the hotel, to buy a ticket for a plane or a train, to buy everything without leaving your home, online. The site presents the most popular and most useful free online services for travelers.

Hotel booking

There are several companies offering online hotel reservations at hotel prices in almost any country in the world. Sometimes online prices are even slightly more profitable than if you contact the hotel directly. You need a VISA or MASTRCARD bank card to reserve a hotel room. (You will pay for hotel services already in the hotel on your own.) You can often book a hotel room in some countries without a bank card. One of the best reservation services is BOOKING.COM (checked in practice).
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Rent of accommodation online

Living in a hotel is very convenient, but many prefer to rent an apartment for their trip. In some cases, it is cheaper than hotel accommodation. For example, if you travel with a family or a small company. In addition, you will have at your disposal a kitchen, and you can save on food by buying food in the supermarket. Modern online services allow you to rent an apartment for several days or months in any city in the world. You can find an apartment in Europe (Paris, London, Berlin), in America, in Asia (Thailand, Vietnam) or in Russia (Moscow, Petersburg).

If you plan to spend a vacation or all summer by the sea, to go on downhill skiing in the Alps, then you can use the Interhome rental service. Here you can rent a villa, cottage or apartment in the resort regions of Italy, France or Spain, a house in Austria, Switzerland or Finland.

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Plane tickets online

The ticket for the plane is also most convenient to buy online. It is possible to contact the airline directly, but it is conveniently compare the prices of tickets in different airlines using the online service.

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Guided tours

Most of tourists go on one or several guided tours during their travels. It is possible to read about offered excursions and to book it online in advance. You can choose and book excursions in many cities and countries. It will be useful to get acquainted with the range of offered excursions. Buying a ticket online will save you from having to wait in line.
Guided tours. INT

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For travel enthusiasts, there are mobile apps for airline tickets buying and hotel reservations. Download, install, travel: for iOS - for Android.


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