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The terrorist act was committed today in St. Petersburg

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Submitted by Serg A Nik on Mon, 04/03/2017 - 16:11

The blast occurred on the subway in St. Petersburg today around 14:40. According to preliminary data, about 13 people were killed (not counting terrorists) and about 51 people were injured. The wounded are evacuated by helicopter. One children was among the victims.

14 people were killed by a terrorist. 11 people were killed at the crime scene. Three people died in the ambulance and in the hospital.

Metro station Sennaja ploštšad (Сенная Площадь) is located at the intersection of three metrolinjjjen. Here, there is always a lot of passengers. Many metro stations were closed after the explosion.

According to the latest information, the explosion occurred in the train car. The train departs from the Sennaya Ploshchad 'station towards the "Tehnologitšeski institut" station (Технологический институт). The train continued to move to the next station after the explosion. Approximately 38 people were taken to hospitals.

Another explosive device was found by the security services at the metro station "Ploshchad Vosstaniya".

The explosion occurred when the train moved in a tunnel from the station Sennaya Ploshchad in the direction of the station Technological Institute. The driver did not stop the train after the explosion. The train proceeded to the camp of Tehnological Institute. First aid to the injured, evacuation of passengers was carried out at the station. The terrorist was in the second car of the train.

All metro stations were closed in St. Petersburg. Additional buses were issued on routes. Many taxis and buses carried people for free. The Western toll road worked for free.

Security measures are strengthened at Pulkovo Airport.
Security measures are strengthened in the Moscow metro.

It was a terrorist act. The bomb was blown up by a suicide bomber. The explosive power of the machine is estimated to 200-300 grams of TNT. The bomb contained metal balls to kill more people. One of the suspects is a native of Kyrgyzstan Akbarjon Jalilov (born in 1995). He is a citizen of Russia. He bought parts to make a homemade explosive device. His body was found at the site of the explosion.

Vladimir Putin is staying in St. Petersburg today. It can be assumed that this event influenced the choice of the date for the terrorist attack.

April 4 Metro operates normally in St. Petersburg.

The explosive device was found on April 6 in a rented apartment in St. Petersburg. It is similar to the one that was neutralized at the metro station Ploshchad Vosstaniya. The suspects in the preparation of the terrorist attack were detained by the police.


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