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The ski season starts

The ski season begins. Many sports fans are faced with the question of where to go skiing (snowboarding) this winter? In Europe there are many good ski resorts. We have collected the most popular routes for skiing this winter. You can choose which ski resort to go to, buy plane tickets, book a transfer from the airport to the hotel and book a hotel. You can book a taxi, in which you can transport ski equipment (skis, snowboards).


The mountains represent the main landscape of this country. There are many places in Austria where you can go skiing. Alpine mountain villages are a haven for skiers from all over the world. Many get here via Munich International Airport.

Seefeld is one of the most popular ski resorts in Tyrol. It is considered the Austrian capital of cross-country skiing. In Seafild, three Winter Olympics were held in 1964, 1976 and 2012. Flat skiing is why you need to come here. The total length of the tracks for cross-country skiing is 279 km.

Seefield is also great for a family holiday. There is an excellent infrastructure here.
For children: an amusement park, playgrounds for children and a theater.
For adults: shops, restaurants, casinos and attractions. There are ski schools with instructors.
Professionals will enjoy the challenging trails with unexpected turns and steep slopes. Snowboarders are also welcome here. The resort is divided into two main zones: Gshvandkopf 1500 meters high and Seefelder Joh-Hermelkopf 2100 m high. If you want to swallow clean mountain air, ride and at the same time put out, then you are welcome to Seefeld.

Munich is located about 140 kilometers from the resort.

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Mayrhofen is a small mountain Tyrolean town that enjoys well-deserved popularity among skiers. Mount Ahern is an excellent choice for skiing for families with children. The ski center is located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. There are excellent conditions for children (there are many children's ski schools and kindergartens).
Mayrhofen will also appeal to young people. There are bars and discos where you can have fun instead of returning to the hotel right in the ski boots.
If you want to find a modern ski resort and a cozy rest, this is a good choice. In the Zillertal valley (where Mayrhofen is located) there are two large skiing areas - the Zillertal Arena and the Ski Optimal. The total length of the trails is 500 kilometers.
The ski resort of Mayrhofen is located about 190 kilometers from Munich.

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Ischgl is located about 300 kilometers from Munich. This is one of the most popular alpine resorts.
The ski runs in Ischgl are located at the level of 2000 - 2872 meters. The length of the trails is 238 kilometers. Of these, blue - 18%, red - 61%, black - 21%. This ski center is more suitable not for beginners, but for experienced skiers and snowboarders.
Various entertainment and vibrant nightlife are also available here.

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Neustift is a universal resort for skiers with any level of preparation. Here there are wide slopes of medium complexity. The length of the flat trails is about 130 kilometers.

Sölden is a well-known ski resort. There are three mountains with a height of more than 3000 meters, 145 kilometers of well-groomed slopes.

The ski resort of Zell am See is located about 420 kilometers from Vienna. A variety of trails for the whole family are open here from early autumn to early summer, as many as ten months a year.

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Zell am See offers sports lovers 138 kilometers of ski slopes and pistes for snowboarding. Close to Zell am See is also the Kaprun resort, together they form the famous European Sports Region (ESR).

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Bansko - this ski resort is located at an altitude of 936 meters, at the foot of the Pirin mountain range, 160 km from Sofia. Mountaineers have long known about this ski resort. You can skate here from November to March. Available and excursion tourism, and thermal springs. Bansko is a climatic and balneological resort. And gastronomic, by the way, too. In recent years, new luxury hotels have been built in Bansko and an ultra modern ski center has been opened. The city of Bansko is located at an altitude of 925 m above sea level, and its ski center - at 2000-2600 m. The name of the resort comes from the Old Bulgarian word "bans", which means "master".


Switzerland is one of the most popular countries for lovers of alpine skiing. Here come professionals and amateurs, couples of travelers and whole families, including the richest and most famous people of the world. Switzerland offers unforgettable skiing, a wide variety of entertainment options and simply a chic vacation in a hospitable and positive Swiss atmosphere.
St. Moritz and Gstaad are the two most famous ski resorts in Switzerland.

Gstaad is a village in the canton of Bern and at the same time an international ski resort. Here you will get the cleanest air, ecologically clean nature with a magnificent modern infrastructure for skiing and colorful local chalets.

Gstaad has 250 kilometers of trails, which are located at an altitude of 1000 to 3000 meters above sea level. Most of the tracks are designed for beginners (blue tracks 59%), trails for experienced athletes are also available: red - 27%, black - 14%. The total length of the black trails in Gstaad is 16 kilometers. Favorite by all professionals, the Tiger Run circuit offers a unique two kilometer route with elevations of 500 meters. Cross-country ski runs are 135 km long.

Also for you: restaurants, thermal spas, bars, art galleries and museums. Geneva Airport is located at a distance of 160 kilometers from Gstaad.

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St. Moritz (St. Moritz) is one of the oldest ski resorts in the world. The resort is characterized by incredibly sunny weather: there are 322 sunny days per year.
St. Moritz accepts representatives of the most titled families of the world, billionaires and business elite. This resort has the largest number of five-star hotels in comparison with the rest of the ski resorts in the world. Expensive often frightens off St. Moritz simple travelers, and in vain: a year this city is visited by a half million tourists. The resort is located about 200 kilometers from Zurich.


Ski resorts in Italy will give you the opportunity to go ski and snowboard, go shopping and enjoy Italian cuisine, admire the scenic landscapes and just have a great time.

Courmayeur is at the foot of Mount Mont Blanc. The resort has earned the respect of climbers and extreme skiers. It offers an incredibly beautiful view of Mont Blanc.
In Courmayeur there are no simple trails, but a lot of wide red and black slopes and active tusovka life. Most of the trails are located in the forest zone with views of the rocks and glaciers of Mont Blanc at an altitude of up to 2,800 kilometers. The quality of the slopes in Courmayeur is very high. The length of the trails is about 100 kilometers.
Milan is at a distance of 224 kilometers from Courmayeur.

Cortina d'Ampezzo is about 160 kilometers from Venice. This ski resort is good for beginners and skiers of the average level. This is a favorite vacation spot for Italian bohemians and lovers of sweet life. In 1956, this resort hosted the Winter Olympic Games.

The ski resort of Limone Piemonte is located just 1 hour from the Côte d'Azur of France. This ski resort has a century-long history. Here there are various trails that will provide not only excellent skiing, but also an unforgettable pleasure from the species of nature.
The resort has 7 blue, 26 complex red and 7 black tracks, 16 lifts, a modern fan park with halfpipe and springboards for snowboarders, slalom tracks.


Les Deux Alps (Les 2 Alpes) is located about 110 kilometers from Lyon. This is one of the five largest French ski resorts of the international class, which is located at the foot of the glacier Mont de Lans. Les Deux Alpes is a great place for skiing for professional skiers and a youth resort with nightclubs.

The length of the trails is 225 km: 14 black, 18 red, 45 blue and 27 green. Fans of extreme sports can ride on the slopes of La Meije and Col des Ruillans, in the so-called "Valley of Extreme". In Les Deux-Alpes, there are the best snow parks in France, there are two ski schools for snowboarding, skiing, freeride, slopestyle.

You can order a car for the transportation of skis (snowboard) and other equipment to the ski resort without leaving home, online.


Russia is not the most popular destination for fans of alpine skiing. Good ski resorts were built here during the preparations for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Ski centers are located near the city of Sochi (settlements Krasnaya Polyana and Esto Sadok). There are good slopes for skiing and snowboarding and good hotels. You can also stay in hotels near the shore of the Black Sea.

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