Yekaterinburg Airport

Koltsovo Airport is the international airport of Yekaterinburg. The airport is located within the city limits, in the district of Koltsovo, about 16 kilometers southeast of the city center. The distance from the airport building to the Yekaterinburg ring road is approximately 2.3 kilometers and to the Ekaterinburg-Expo about 4.5 kilometers.

(Russian: Аэропорт Кольцово, Екатеринбург.)

Currently, the airport of Yekaterinburg ranks seventh in terms of passenger traffic in Russia (2016). Yekaterinburg's Koltsovo Airport served more than 4.3 million people in 2016. The airport was named the best airport of Russia in 2014.

The military airfield Koltsovo was established in 1930. In 1943, the civil airport "Sverdlovsk" was established at the military airfield "Koltsovo". (The city of Yekaterinburg was called Sverdlovsk from 1924 to 1991.)

Koltsovo airfield has two runways. International terminal and terminal of domestic airlines are located next to each other. There is also a terminal for VIP passengers nearby. The total length of the international terminal and terminal for servicing domestic flights is approximately 360 meters.


Yekaterinburg city centre can be reached by rail, by bus and by taxi from the airport "Koltsovo" to.

The electric train goes on a route between the Yekaterinburg train station and the airport twice a day (2017). Departure from Yekaterinburg: 6:54 and 19:09. Departure from the airport: 8:35 and 20:52. The journey takes about 40 minutes.
The railway station is located approximately 200 meters from the exit from the airport building.

Yekaterinburg-Passenger is the central passenger railway station in Yekaterinburg. The nearest metro station is Uralskaya. The station is located about 2.5 kilometers north of the center of Yekaterinburg.

Regular passenger transportation between Yekaterinburg and the airport is carried out by buses of several routes.

  • Bus routes №1и № 01. End stops of the route: Railway station - station Koltsovo.
  • Route № 039 (from the Ural Federal University, past the metro station “1905 year station”).

You can reach any place in Yekaterinburg also by taxi. This is the most expensive option. Taxi is convenient if you fly to Ekaterinburg at night, if you have a lot of luggage (large baggage), if you travel with children.
You can find a taxi at the exit from the airport.

Useful link You can also book a taxi in advance, on the Internet. The driver will meet you at the arrival area.


There are several hotels near the airport. You can book a room in these or any other hotel in Yekaterinburg with the Internet. (Select location, read customer reviews and book online.)

For an example:

Hotel Angelo by Vienna House Yekaterinburg. The hotel is located about 100 meters from the airport building Koltsovo. The hotel is directly connected to the airport by a covered heated transfer. Address: Bakhchivandzhi st. 55A, Ekaterinburg, Russia.


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The flight time from Moscow (Russia) to Yekaterinburg is about 2 hours, 15 minutes.

  • Distance between Yekaterinburg and Moscow is 1417 kilometers (881 miles).
  • Distance between Yekaterinburg and London is 2,401.60 miles (3,865.00 km).
  • Distance between New-York and Yekaterinburg is 5,200 miles (8,370 km).

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