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Guided tours in Venice

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A guided tour is the best way to learn more about Venice in a short time. A professional guide will show the main sights of the city and tell you a lot of things that you can not find in the guidebooks. You will see the most beautiful places of the city and make good pictures (selfie). For those who want to know the city better, there is a wide choice of thematic tours.

You can move around Venice either by boat or on foot. Sightseeing tours around Venice can be conducted with or without water transport (walking tours) too. By the way, local residents most often move around their city on foot. The most romantic are the trips around Venice on a gondola. They can be recommended to couples in love.

Venice is a city with an interesting history and rich cultural traditions. Certain aspects of the history and culture of the city associated with the city of the legend can be covered in selected thematic excursions.

Names of some popular tours:

  • Sightseeing tour of Venice.
  • Curios, legends and myths of Venice.
  • Gastrotur - find out where and how the Venetians relax.
  • In the footsteps of Casanova.
  • Crafts of Venice.
  • Night Venice: on foot and on water in the company of the native Venetian.

The tour can be bought in many places where there are many tourists. Look for points of information for tourists. You can also get acquainted with the range and prices of tours offered in Venice online, and also order the excursion you liked.

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