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Where to travel in May - interesting events

Submitted by Serg A Nik on Mon, 04/08/2019 - 19:40

Many interesting events take place in many cities around the world in May. See our review and choose your destination for May 2019. Find information useful for vacation planning.

(Please note: hotel booking for the days of the most popular events should be done in advance.)

Estonian Music Days.
May 02 - 10, 2019. Estonian Music Days (EMD) will be held in Tallinn. The festival hosts hundreds of professional musicians and presents the freshest and most exciting new music. In 2019, Estonian Music Days will celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Architecture festival in Budapest.
05 - 06 May. The Budapest-100 architecture festival will be held in the Hungarian capital. If you are interested in architecture and history, this event may interest you. This is a good day to travel to Budapest. You can book a guided tour here.

The Cannes Film Festival.
The Cannes Film Festival will be held for the 71st time from May 14 to May 25, 2019 in the city of Cannes. This is a good reason to make a trip to the Cote d'Azur France. Buy air tickets to Cannes right now.

Saint John’s festival in Prague.
May 15, 2019. Saint John’s Celebrations in Prague - the biggest Baroque celebrations on the water at Charles Bridge in Prague following a three-hundred year tradition. Come on Charles Bridge or along the banks of the river nearby, or book a river cruise or a table at a riverside restaurant to enjoy a flotilla of historical boats, Baroque music and fireworks.

Tallinn city day.
May 15, 2019. Tallinn will held a City day. Various events will take place in different places in the city. The old town is a remarkable monument of medieval architecture. Tallinn is a city that you should see.

Night of Museums.
May 18, 2019. The European Night of Museums will be held at night from 18 to 19 May in 2019. The event is held in many European cities. Visiting museums on this day is free in some cities.

Day of street music in Vilnius.
May 18, 2019. Day of street music will be held in Vilnius. Both professional musicians and amateurs take to the streets and squares of Vilnius on the third Saturday of May. They play music of different styles with the help of various musical instruments. Travel and enjoy.

Women's race in Tallinn.
May 18, 2019. The May Run Tallink Maijooks is the largest women's and women's sporting event in Estonia. At the distance, participants are expected to compete in running, walking and walking with sticks. Members of their families are also invited. Interesting activities can be found for both men and children. The event takes place on the Tallinn singing field.

Helsinki restaurant day.
May 18, 2019. Restaurant day in Helsinki. Every inhabitant of Helsinki can on this day offer his culinary creations to the public. You will be able to taste dishes that you will not meet (probably) never again and nowhere.

Folklore festival in Vilnus.
From 21 to 26 May 2019 the folklore festival Skamba Skamba Kankliai will be held in Vilnius (Lithuania). This festival has been taking place in Vilnius since 1973 and it is one of the very few authentic festivals of folk music in Europe. You can also reach Vilnius by bus.

Coconut Grove Food and Wine Festival in Miami.
May 25, 2019. The Coconut Grove Food & Wine Festival is a popular annual event in Miami, that brings the community together over food, wine, music, entertainment and family-friendly activities.
Venue: Peacock Park, 2820 McFarlane Rd, Miami, FL 33133, USA.

City day in Saint Petersburg.
27 May. Day of the city in St. Petersburg. Many interesting events will take place these days in St. Petersburg. (If the weather does not spoil the holiday.) Would you like to visit St. Petersburg these days? Book your hotel in advance.
I have visited quite a few cities in different countries, and I can say with confidence that my home town is one of the most beautiful in the world (at least some places). Visit St. Petersburg and see for yourself.

Music festival in Lyon.
From May 29 to June 2, 2019: the festival of electronic music and digital arts Nuits Sonores ("Nights of Sound") will be held in the city of Lyon, one of the largest cities in France.

Moscow. Interesting events in Moscow are held every weekend in May. You will surely find something interesting for yourself, no matter what day you arrive in the Russian capital.

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