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Where to go for the weekend in June?

Many interesting events take place in different cities and countries in the summer. Where to go (to fly) for the weekend in June? Interesting events in different cities and countries. Share your information if you know about interesting events in June.

May 30 - June 3, 2018. Tallinn Days of the Old City. Performers and musicians perform in the Old Town, fairs and other events are held.

2 - 3 June 2018. Festival of Joan of Arc (Fêtes Johanniques) in the city of Reims (France).

02 - 03 June. Festival of jazz music "Usadbba Jazz" in Moscow. Venue: museum-estate "Arkhangelskoye".

6 June 2018. The day of Sweden is celebrated in Skansen (Stockholm). On this day, the royal family of Sweden will also arrive in Skansen. Festive events will be held in other parts of the city.

6 - 10 June. Festival of Black and White in Imatra (Finland) for fans of street art theater.

09 June 2018. 19: 00 - 01: 00 Prague night of museums. Most museums are open for free this evening.

12 June. Helsinki Day is celebrated since 1959 on June 12. Many events will take place in the city.

June 16 - 24, 2018. The Kieler Woche is a great sailing holiday in Kiel (Germany).

World Cup in Russia. Dates and cities - see here: (Look for more information on our VISIT-PLUS website.)

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