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Book your hotel in St. Petersburg

Do you plan to visit St. Petersburg (Russia), like millions of other travelers? Then you probably need a place to stay (hotel, hostel, apartments). We have collected short tips for you: the best places for tourists in St. Petersburg, how and on which website to book a hotel, how to find a hotel at an affordable price.

How to book a hotel

Almost all independent travelers book hotels (hostels, apartments) on the Internet. There are quite a few sites that offer a hotel reservation service. But in fact, the absolute majority of travel enthusiasts from Russia and Europe choose the same service - Booking.Com good .

Why BuckingCom? Because it is the best service for booking hotels in the world. It provides the widest choice of places to stay. The company does not make any extra charges for the cost of accommodation (you book at the price of the hotel). It is also very important that the company has a very good help desk for its customers. (Hotel employees prefer to solve the problems of tourists themselves, not waiting for their treatment in BookinCom.)

We are often offered to compare the cost of booking on different sites, before booking. But after comparing the prices, we still recommend choosing the mentioned above service. Why do we then offer to compare prices? Everything is very simple - the site for prices comparesing receive its commissions in this case.
If you still decide to compare the cost and choose the cheapest option offered, we recommend doing this with the good Hotellook service.

The best areas for tourists to stay

In which part of the city is the best place to live in saint Petersburg? In most cases, it is most convenient for tourists to choose hotels near Nevsky Prospekt (in walking distance), best near the central and western parts of the street (metro stations Admiralteyskaya, Nevsky Prospekt, Gostiny Dvor). (This is the western part of the Central District and the northern part of the Admiralteysky district of the city.) The eastern part of the Vasilievsky Island is also a very good place.

If you can not find available accommodation in the area, then it is quite convenient to choose a more remote hotel, located next to any metro station.

Best hotels in the city

Among the numerous army of tourists are those who can afford the very best. In St. Petersburg there are several luxury and expensive hotels. Among the best you can name: Grand Hotel Europe, Four Seasons Lion Palace Hotel, Corinthia St. Petersburg, Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge. Hotels with views of the Neva are also popular with tourists in the summer.

Hotels in St. Petersburg

There are many hotels in St. Petersburg. It is not possible to post information about all of them here. We can only advise to get acquainted with the reviews of tourists in the process of selecting and booking a hotel. Here we collected a lot of information about the hotels of the city.

Useful linkGo to the search box to find the right hotel for you. You can sort the hotels in search results by price, by number of stars or by customer's estimates. You can also choose the area of ​​the city or the nearest attraction.



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