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Buy tickets from Helsinki to St. Petersburg online

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You can buy tickets from Helsinki to St. Petersburg on the Internet. It is very convenient: you can buy tickets from the comfort of your home, using your computer or smartphone; you can do this at any time of the day or at night; You can compare prices for any type of transport.

You can get from Helsinki to St. Petersburg by any type of transport: train, bus, plane or ferry. The distance between the capitals of Finland and Russia is about 390 kilometers (by road).

Travel time depends on the type of transport.

  • By plane: 1 hour.
  • By train: 3.5 hours (Allegro train) - 6.5 hours (Lev Tolstoy train).
  • Bus: 6 - 8 hours.
  • Ferry: 13 hours.

Train tickets

The train is the most convenient form of transport to get to St. Petersburg from Helsinki. There are two types of trains for this route.
High-speed trains Allergo depart from Central Station In Helsinki and arrive at the Finland Station in St. Petersburg. Travel time is approximately 3.5 hours.
The train "Leo Tolstoy" Helsinki - Moscow stops at the Ladozhsky railway station in St. Petersburg. The journey takes about 7 hours.


Airplane is the fastest mode of transport. But there are some inconveniences. You need to spend time and money to get to the airport. You need to reserve time for the passage of all procedures at the airport.

See also: Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg and Vantaa Airport in Helsinki.

Bus tickets

The bus is the cheapest form of transport to get from Helsinki to Petersburg or Vyborg. Tickets can be bought from the bus driver. Approximate cost of bus tickets can be found on the Internet. (Not all transport companies sell bus tickets online.) Part of the buses go through Vyborg.



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