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Where will tourists go in summer 2021?

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Submitted by Serg A Nik on Thu, 03/25/2021 - 12:05

Where will tourists go in summer 2021? It would be better to put the question differently: Where would tourists like to go in the summer of 2021. What will be the most popular holiday destinations this year? It is not yet known where we will be able to travel, and where not. Let's try to make a prediction.

Mediterranean Sea under the wing of an airplane

The preferences of residents of different countries will differ, as always.

Residents of the EU and the UK would like to spend their summer holidays in Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and France.

Different polls name different countries as "most popular". No wonder. All of these countries are very good for summer vacations. Someone is more interested in Italy, someone is very fond of Greece, Spain and the Republic of Cyprus. We love all of these countries. It would be nice to visit all of them, or ome of them, well, at least one.
Much will depend on COVID-19 restrictions loosening or tightening.

In the photo: Spain.

Many countries that are popular with tourists strive to attract more tourists at least this year. Their economy is heavily dependent on tourism. Greece and Cyprus are planning to introduce relief for tourists first. (These countries are ready to receive tourists from Russia in April - May.)

The preferences of American tourists are unlikely to change. Domestic tourism will be the most popular. (The US has everything a travel enthusiast needs.)
Those US residents who want to go further away will certainly go to Mexico and the Caribbean (Dominican Republic). We think that many US residentstourists will refrain from traveling to Europe and Asia this year.

In the photo: Cyprus.

Where will the residents of Russia go on their summer vacation? Russia is trying to benefit from forced isolation (in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic) and is actively developing domestic tourism. Russia is a very large country and there are many interesting and beautiful places there. Unfortunately, there are not enough good places to accommodate tourists everywhere.

The most popular domestic tourist destination will be the Black Sea coast.

Turkey will be the most popular foreign destination for Russian tourists, but many travel lovers are ready to go to Greece, Cyprus, Spain, if possible.


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