Interesting events in Finland

In Finland, held a lot of interesting events. Especially numerous in summer. In these pages, information about some interesting events. If you know of interesting events in Finland share your information in the comments at the bottom of the page. Your information will be of interest to all.

13.1. - 15/01/2012

Caravan Show & Camping 2012

The exhibition "Caravan Show & Camping 2012" in Turku for those who prefer to travel independently with its own "home on wheels." Motor homes, campers, offers from campsites. In the middle of winter you will be able to plan summer travel and choose the appropriate technique. Venue - Exhibition Centre in Turku.


Music Festival in Oulu

Music Festival in Oulu (Oulu Music Festival, Oulun Musiikkijuhlat) is a versatile urban winter music festival. At the festival you can hear the best of Finnish and foreign representatives of various musical styles. For the first time a musical festival of Oulu in March 1991. The festival also attended by representatives of local festivals, schools and other cultural events in the region. In 2012, the festival will be held March 11-March 25. The festival program will be published in the January 12, 2012.


Jazz festival in Turku

Jazz Festival in Turku is the second oldest Finnish jazz festivals. The festival is held annually since 1969. These days in Turku you can listen to the best jazz musicians in Finland and from other countries. Concerts are held at restaurants and entertainment complexes in the city center. The festival is held under the auspices of the cycle of events "Turku - European Capital of Culture 2011". Tickets for the festival will begin selling in early 2012.


Festival of jazz bands in Imatra

Imatra Big Band Festival (IBBF) held annually in the town of Imatra. At the festival in Imatra best jazz orchestras come from all over the world. Imatra - the most nearest to the Russian border city of Finland. In Imatra comes a lot of tourists from Russia. The festival program includes different kinds of jazz and blues, funk, rock and light music. In a small town to the festival every year come to 50 thousand music lovers. The most popular among tourists from Russia hotel in Imatra - "Imatran Kylpylä."


Festival «World Village Festival»

World Village Festival is the largest multicultural event in Finland, which is held in Helsinki in Kaisaniemi and Railway Square at the end of May. The festival was first organized in 1995. The festival program includes music from ethno to pop and rock music and dancing, theatrical performances and other creations of cultures around the world. You can also find the name "The whole world comes to visit» (World Village Festival, Maailma kylässä). You will learn the art and customs of the peoples of different countries.


Savonlinna Opera Festival

You were in Savonlinna? No! This is a beautiful region of Finland and the very beautiful town. Ancient medieval castle and a lot of lakes create a special atmosphere. Every year, summer, opera singers from around the world come in Savonlinna. The festival program, "Don Giovanni" by Mozart and "Lohengrin" by Wagner. The program is also the opera "Tóska," which premiered last year. The Hungarian National Opera will present to your attention, "Don Carlos" by Verdi and evening of Hungarian music. To get to the festival is not easy. At this time, all the rooms in hotels and campsites in the region are busy.


"Days of the sea" in Kotka

"Days of the Sea" is the most famous summer festival in the south-eastern Finland. Holiday opens colorful parade on Thursday and holiday continues through Sunday. These days the city of Kotka come so many tourists that it is difficult to park the car. To get to Kotka from St. Petersburg or from Helsinki you can by car for several hours. (About the rooms in the hotels should take care in advance). For the children prepared a separate program.


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