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Shopping centers in Moscow

Shopping centers in Moscow


The most popular shopping centers in Moscow


There are a large number of shopping malls in Moscow. Many big shopping centers have not only shops but also cafes, cinemas and entertainment facilities. There you can not only buy everything you need, but also well spend your leisure time.

“Vegas” shopping malls in Moscow


Shopping malls “Vegas” running company “Crocus Group”. Under the control of “Crocus Group” in Moscow are also: International Exhibition Centre “Crocus Expo”, concert hall “Crocus City Hall”, “Crocus City Mall”, shopping malls “Vegas”, residential and office real estate, restaurants, hypermarket chain.

Shopping and entertainment center “Vegas Crocus City”

MEGA shopping malls


“Mega” shopping centers chain in Russia belongs to a large company IKEA. IKEA has shopping centers in many European countries. Shopping malls “MEGA” are a popular place for shopping. There ara many popular shops in shopping centers MEGA in Russia: IKEA (furniture and household goods), OBI (household goods, maintenance, construction), Auchan. There are many shops selling fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories. There are three major shopping centers MEGA in Moscow (2014): “MEGA Teply Stan”, “MEGA Khimki” and “MEGA Belaya Dacha”.

GUM Department Store in Moscow


GUM (State Department Store, ГУМ) is one of the most famous shopping centers in Moscow. The shop is located in the heart of Moscow, on the “Red Square”, opposite the Kremlin. GUM is also one of the oldest shops in Moscow. The shopping center building is one of the architectural landmarks of Moscow.
At the shopping mall GUM is possible to buy fashionable clothes, shoes, jewelry created by the best world designers. Here sells products of most famous brands. The store also has a cinema and restaurants.

TsUM - Central Universal Department Store in Moscow


TsUM (Central Universal Department Store, ЦУМ) is one of the most famous stores in Moscow. TsUM shopping mall located in the heart of Moscow, close to Bolshoi Theatre, on the corner of Petrovka Street and “Teatralnaya” Square. At the TsUM shopping mall is possible to buy the most fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories made by world's most famous designers and manufacturers. There is also a supermarket “TsUM Globus Gourmet”.

Shopping center "Okhotny Ryad"


Shopping center “Okhotny Ryad” is located in the center of Moscow, near “Red Square”, and Moscow Kremlin. A distinctive feature of this shopping mall is that it is located underground, under the Manege Square in Moscow.

Shopping center “Golden Babylon”


Shopping and entertainment center “Golden Babylon” (Золотой Вавилон) is one of the biggest shopping centers not only in Moscow but also in Europe. The mall is located in the northern part of the city, approximately 10 kilometers from the city center and at a distance of about 5 kilometers from Moscow Ring Road (MKAD). In the shopping mall you can buy everything you need, as well spend your leisure time.

Shopping center "Europeisky"


Shopping center “Europeisky” (Европейский) is one of the biggest and most popular places for shopping in Moscow. The shopping mall is located at a distance of about 4 kilometers from the city center, close to the “Kievsky voksal” railway station. The shopping center is located between the Dorogomilovskaya street and “Kiev Station” square. The total area of the shopping center is about 180 000m².

Shopping center “Retail Park”


Shopping center “Retail Park” is located in the southern part of Moscow, near the intersection of “Warsawskoye shosse” street and “Balaklavsky prospect” street. The distance to the city center (Red Square) is about 13 kilometers, the distance to the Moscow Ring Road about 7 kilometers.

Shopping malls “Gorod”


“Gorod” Lefortovo

Shopping and entertainment center “Gorod Lefortovo” located at a distance of about 6 kilometers east of the center of Moscow, near the intersection of “Entusiastov” highway and Dushinskiy street. More than 250 shops, cafes and different services are located in the shopping center.



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