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Events in St. Petersburg in May 2018

May is the beginning of the summer season in St. Petersburg. This month, trees leaves bloom in the parks, fountains begin to operate. White Nights begins at the end of the month. St Petersburg celebrates its birthday (City Day) in May. There are many interesting events in St. Petersburg this month.

Fountains operation start in Peterhof

April 2019.

Events in St. Petersburg March 2019

Maslenitsa in St. Petersburg

March 04 - 10, 2019.

Pancake week "Maslenitsa" in 2019 will be held in Russia from March 04 to March 10. Festivities will be held in various parts of the city. The greatest number of events will be held on March 10.

Zoo show Spring 2019

March 16 - 17, 2019.

Interesting events in Finland

In Finland, held a lot of interesting events. Especially numerous in summer. In these pages, information about some interesting events. If you know of interesting events in Finland share your information in the comments at the bottom of the page. Your information will be of interest to all.

13.1. - 15/01/2012

Caravan Show & Camping 2012

Interesting events in Paris 2019

Paris is the most popular among tourists city in the world. Many interesting events are held in Paris every year. Many interesting events take place in Paris at any time of the year: festivals, exhibitions, concerts and competitions. Information about the most interesting events is collected on this page. It may be useful to know before traveling to Paris.

Interesting events in Stockholm 2019

There are many interesting events held in Stockholm every year, every month, every weekend. The most interesting for tourist’s events are represented on this page. It may be useful to know before planning a trip to Sweden.

Free walking tours

There are free walking tours in Stockholm in English.

Sports events in St. Petersburg in 2011

04-12 June 2011

International competitions in motor racing Trophy-raid Ladoga-2011

ladoga trophy


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