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Events in St. Petersburg June 2018

There are many interesting events held in the summer in St. Petersburg. June is the time of the White Nights, the best time to visit the city. St. Petersburg June 2018 calendar of events is on this page of the website. Useful information for tourists and residents.

Trophy-raid "Ladoga"

May 26 - June 3, 2018.

Events in St. Petersburg in April 2018

Real Estate Fair

March 30 - April 01 2018.

Spring Real Estate Fair in St. Petersburg. The exhibition will feature urban real estate, vacation homes, real estate in other countries.
The exhibition will be attended by more than 400 companies that build and sell flats and homes. The exhibition will be interesting to those who are planning to purchase real estate (houses, apartments, land) in St. Petersburg, Leningrad region and abroad.

Events in St. Petersburg in May 2018

May is the beginning of the summer season in St. Petersburg. This month, trees leaves bloom in the parks, fountains begin to operate. White Nights begins at the end of the month. St Petersburg celebrates its birthday (City Day) in May. There are many interesting events in St. Petersburg this month.

Fountains operation start in Peterhof

April 2018.

Events in St. Petersburg March 2018

International Exhibition ExpoHoReCa

28 - 31 March, 2018.

International Exhibition ExpoHoReCa is event for professionals of the hotel and restaurant business. Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, facilities, products and services for restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and hotels will present their products. The exhibition will attend specialists from St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, other regions of Russia and other countries.
Venue: Saint Petersburg Sport and Concert Complex.

Job fair

March 29, 2018.

Events in St. Petersburg in February 2017

Ski Track of Russia in St. Petersburg

February 12, 2017.

National Public mass ski race "Ski Track of Russia 2017" will be held also in St. Petersburg. This sports festival has been held annually since 1982.
Ski competition will be held in each city district.

Big Love Show

February 10, 2017.

Events in St. Petersburg January 2014

19 December 2013 - 12 January 2014

St. Petersburg Christmas Fair

Christmas Market in St. Petersburg is an international event in the field of culture. Representation of different countries will present their New Year 's and Christmas traditions. It is assumed that the event will include representatives of the following countries: Russia, Latvia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Israel, Great Britain, India, China, Ukraine, South Korea, Sweden, Lithuania, USA, Belarus. During the event will be organized activities for children, a charity auction.

Events in St. Petersburg December 2016

Interesting events in Saint Petersburg in December 2016.

Antique exhibition

Dates: 1 - 4 December 2016.

Antique shops, collectors’ different cities from Russia and some countries will take part in the exhibition 'Antique Bazaar'. The exhibition will feature items of interest to collectors: antique furniture, paintings, antique jewelry, books, stamps, postcards, records and other items. It will be possible to get advice antique dealers and collectors.

Events in St. Petersburg November 2018

There are many interesting events held in St. Petersburg in November. These events may be interesting to both locals and tourists. Some of the events information is in this page. If you visit such events, you can share information with site visitors.

Choral festival

Dates: October - November, 2018.

Events in St. Petersburg in October 2018

There are many interesting events held in St Petersburg in October. Interesting events in St. Petersburg in October 2018. Announcements of events, festivals, concerts. Useful information for tourists.

Theatre Festival "Baltic House"

Dates: October 02 - 13, 2018.

Interesting events in St. Petersburg September 2018

Many interesting events are held in St. Petersburg in September. Despite the the beginning of autumn, the weather in this month is quite comfortable. The holiday season is over and the students returned to the city. September is a good time to visit St. Petersburg. This site page contains information about some of the events held in the city.

Tea and Coffee Festival

01 - 03 September 2017


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