Stockholm is a popular tourist city in Scandinavia.

Hotels in Stockholm

Stockholm is the most famous tourist and business center of northern Europe. The city has a rich history and interesting cultural activities at present. Thousands of visiting the city tourists and business peoples are using Stockholm hotels every day. Overnight stays in hotels in Stockholm increases each year.

Interesting events in Stockholm 2019

There are many interesting events held in Stockholm every year, every month, every weekend. The most interesting for tourist’s events are represented on this page. It may be useful to know before planning a trip to Sweden.

Free walking tours

There are free walking tours in Stockholm in English.

Stockholm map

It is possible to find the location and a brief description of many popular with tourists places on the map of Stockholm. Choose the desired category at the bottom of the map. (Example: landmarks, theaters, museums, airport, cruise port, hotel etc.).

Gamla Stan

Old Town, Gamla Stan is the historical center of Stockholm. Gamla Stan is located on the island Stadskholmen and has an area of 36 hectares. This is an important tourist center of Stockholm, which is visited by all tourists visiting the city.

Congress and exhibitions center in Stockholm

Stockholm international congresses and exhibitions center (Stockholm International Fairs, Stockholmsmässan) is one of the leading venues for exhibitions in the Baltic Sea region. About 60 exhibits and a large number of congresses, conferences and meetings held here each year. About 1.5 million people each year visit the congress and exhibitions here. At various events (exhibitions, congresses) are involved up to 100 thousand enterprises. Around 8,000 journalists from around the world annually visit this center.


Stockholm is one of the most attractive tourist cities in northern Europe. Sweden has a rich history and had great influence on Europe countries in the past. Most of us know about the existence of this city since childhood and want to come here when it is possible. The large number of attractions, museums and rich cultural life attract here tourists from many countries.


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