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Moscow sights and attractions. Moscow travel guide.

Sokolniki Park

Sokolniki Park is one of the most famous and popular parks in Moscow. The park is located in the north-east of Moscow in the Sokolniki district. The park area of ​​about 516 hectares. Distance from Sokolniki Park to Red Square about 6 kilometers.

The park is used for recreation and entertainment of the royal family in the XVI-XVII centuries. It engaged in falconry kings, grand dukes and people close to them. Falconry gave the name of the locality. Here, for example, hunting Ivan the Terrible, Peter arranged holidays I. The public park was in 1878.

Victory Park, Poklonnaya Hill

Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill is not only one of the most famous parks in Moscow. It is a large memorial complex dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. The park is located approximately 7.4 kilometers southwest of the city center (Kremlin, and Red Square). The park often hosts various public events.

The park is bounded by streets Kutuzovsky Prospekt, Minskaya street, street of General Yermolov, Brothers Fonchenko street. The length of the park along Kutuzovsky Prospekt is about 1.7 kilometers.

"Federation" Tower

The "Federation" tower can be considered one of the landmarks of Moscow. At the present time (2016) it is the highest skyscraper in Europe. The building is located on the territory of the Moscow International Business Center Moscow-City. The architectural project is developed by Sergey Choban together with Peter Schweger. The design and construction was attended by experts from different countries (Russia, Germany, USA and Turkey).

"Federation" tower consists of two buildings united by a common base (stylobate). The buildings were named Tower West and Tower East.

VDNKh exhibition center

Exhibition Centre "VDNKh" in Moscow is one of the largest exhibition centers in Russia, the second largest exhibition center in Moscow. Exhibition Centre VDNKh (ВДНХ) was the most famous exhibition center in Soviet Union. Currently, it may be considered as one of the sights of Moscow. The total area of “VDNKh” is over 235 hectares. The total area of pavilions is 134,000 m ². The exhibition center is visited by over 20 million people annually. At the VDNKh territory is held more than 100 exhibitions every year.

Red Square in Moscow

Red Square is the main square of Moscow and the most visited place in the capital of Russia. The most famous Moscow sights, such as the Moscow Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral are located near Red Square. The square is located in the city centre, along of the Kremlin eastern wall. Currently, it is a pedestrian area.

The Moscow Kremlin

Spasskaya Tower in Moscow The Moscow Kremlin is the most famous attraction of Moscow. For many years, the “Moscow Kremlin” was the center of the state and the center of power of Russia. The country was ruled by Russian tsars from this place. The Kremlin is the residence of the President of the Russian Federation now.

Moscow attractions and sights

Saint Basil's Cathedral Moscow is the most visited by tourists’ city in Russia. The main attractions of Moscow are well known over the world. Almost all tourists visit Red Square during their trip to Moscow. There are the Moscow Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Historical Museum located on the square. It is the most visited place in Moscow.

Moscow map

Map of Moscow (Russia). The map shows the location of many popular attractions and interesting places for tourists.

Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow

Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow

The St. Basil's Cathedral is one of the most famous and the most beautiful cathedrals in Moscow and Russia. The cathedral is located in the city center, on the Red Square near the Kremlin. The full name of the temple is: "Cathedral of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat" or St. Basil's Cathedral.

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