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Information for those planning to travel to Mexico.


Mexico - Prepare for Your Vacation


Visit mexico plus Mexico is the most popular overseas travel destination for US residents. More than 32 million US residents visited Mexico in 2019. Mexico has almost everything that vacation travel enthusiasts are looking for: warm seas, good climate, sandy beaches, great food, restaurants and nightlife. Surfing enthusiasts will find a good wave in Mexico, while fishing enthusiasts will find a big catch. Mexico also has unique historical sites.

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Cancun, information for vacationers


Cancun is the most popular tourist destination on the east coast of Mexico. Cancun is especially popular with the northern states of the United States and Canada as a winter vacation destination. When planning a vacation in Cancun, tourists often have in mind not only the city itself, but also a large stretch of coastline in the east of the Yucatan Peninsula, called the Mayan Riviera.

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