St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg, Russia. St. Petersburg travel guide: places of interest, attractions, museums, hotels and other useful information.

The exhibition center “ExpoForum”

Expoforum congress and exhibition center is the largest venue for exhibitions and conferences in St. Petersburg (Russia). Congress and Exhibition Center was commissioned in October 7, 2014. Expoforum is located south of St. Petersburg, between St. Petersburg and Pushkin cities (to south of the Pulkovo Airport).

Places to eat in Saint Petersburg

Most tourists come to St. Petersburg to explore its attractions. To visit the famous museums and known theaters. Many come to St. Petersburg to study and to work. But we all need food. In this survey collected information about some places where the city visitors and locals can to eat. There is no information about expensive restaurants, offering its customers the most delicious food. (In most of these restaurants and cafes you will find the toilet.)

Education in Saint Petersburg

There are many higher education institutions in Saint Petersburg. There are both state and private higher education institutions: universities, academies, institutes, conservatory, universities of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The choice is huge. Here are just some of the universities of Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg State University

What to do in Saint Petersburg

Are you planning a trip to St. Petersburg? Why? What things to do in Saint Petersburg? You have a wide range of: art, attractions, music, education and sports. Many come to St. Petersburg and for business and to work.


Mariinsky Theatre

Mariinsky Theatre is the most famous theater in St. Petersburg. In the theater you can see the most famous works of opera and ballet performed by the best masters. Mariinsky Theatre Actors perform on stages world's best theaters. You can see them in St. Petersburg.

Murinsky Park in St. Petersburg

Murinski  park "Murinsky Park" (Murinsky stream) is a large park, located in the northern part of St. Petersburg. The park is located between Lunacharskogo and Severny streets. It is a green 400 meters wide zone. Its length is about 2.6 kilometers.

Sports and Concert Center “Petersburgsky”

Sport and Concert center in St. Petersburg photo Sports and Concert Center "Peterburgsky" (abbreviation SKK is often used by Russians) is one of the largest sports facilities in St. Petersburg.

Neva River

Peter and Paul Fortress Saint Petersburg is exciting city. It is well known all over the world. A large number of tourists visit St. Petersburg every year. They visit museums and theaters, strolling through the streets and the city's waterfront. Attractions St. Petersburg is well known to all lovers of travel.

"Lenexpo" exhibition center

"Lenexpo" is one of the popular places for exhibitions, congresses, festivals and other events in St. Petersburg. Exhibition center is located in the south-western part of Vasilievsky Island, in the historic harbor area, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. It was the largest in the Russian North-West Federal District before the "Expoforum" congress and exhibition center opening.

Zoo in Saint Petersburg

Polar bear photo St. Petersburg Zoo The Zoo of Saint Petersburg (Зоопарк, Leningrad Zoo) is one of the oldest zoos in Russia and one of the northernmost zoos in the world. It began operate in 1865 as a private menagerie, and still pleases Saint Petersburg residents and tourists.

"Ice Palace" in Saint Petersburg

Ice Palace in Saint Petersburg "Ice Palace" in Saint Petersburg (Ледовый дворец) is a large multipurpose complex, on which can be carried out sporting events, concerts, exhibitions and other events. The Ice Palace has 12,300 seats for spectators, about 30 cafes and press center.


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