St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg, Russia. St. Petersburg travel guide: places of interest, attractions, museums, hotels and other useful information.

Sant Petersburg International Economic Forum

Petersburg International Economic ForumIn St. Petersburg each year taking place a number of important events. One of the most noticeable events is the annual "St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. " This is an important event in the sphere of economics and politics, not only for St. Petersburg and for Russia. Journalists often refer to it as the "Russian Davos ".

Football Club “Zenit”

Zenit logo St. Petersburg is a major tourist center. Tourists from around the world know about the sights of Saint Petersburg. The city theaters and museums are known ever the world. But what living in St. Petersburg peoples themselves is considered important in the city? What they consider important and interesting in St Petersburg? One of this is football club “Zenit”.

Saint Petersburg State University

Emblem of the University Petersburg Saint Petersburg is a city of students. Large numbers of young people from Russia and other countries get their education in Saint Petersburg. Saint Petersburg State University can be considered as the most famous educational institution of the city. It is one of the largest and oldest universities in Russia.

Saint Petersburg metro

Saint Petersburg photos Saint-Petersburg Metro is an effective underground public transportation system, which operates in the urban area and some nearby destinations. The metro is the most convenient mode of public transport in St.Petersburg.


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