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Information for tourists about Vyborg.

Location on the photo in Vyborg

Location on the photo in Vyborg

Where the medieval castle is located in Vyborg? How to find the most interesting tourist places in Vyborg? Such questions often arise from a trip planning tourists. You can find the places location on the map. But the photography also can be you useful, and you can see many of the desired location. The photo was taken from a helicopter.

These numbers refer to:
1. Vyborg Castle.
2. Market Square and Round Tower.
3. Old Town.
4. Train Station.
5. Bus station.
6. Hotel "Druzhba".
7. Hotel "Vyborg".
8. The hotel and business center Victoria.
9. Port.

Cafes and restaurants in Vyborg

Max's Burger

Max's Burger fast food café. The food assortment, service organization, and the prices are similar to Macdonalds and other similar places. Еourists can fast snack during a walk around the city рere (ещ eat a hamburger, roll, salad and a to drink cup of coffee). The cafe is located in the old town, on the Market Square.
Address: Vyborg, Severny Vak Street, 21.
You can check the location on the map.

"Round Tower" restaurant

Red Square in Viborg

Red Square in Viborg

Red Square is available not only in Moscow. In the city of Vyborg it is also a Red Square. This is the main area of the city. Lenin Avenue connects the Red Square to the Market Square.

Initially, the Swedish and Russian maps of the area was known as the Red Square Well, on the Finnish Red cards Fountain Square (Punaisenlähteentor).

Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Vyborg city (Russia). The current Lutheran Cathedral. The cathedral was consecrated on June 29, 1799. The cathedral also held meetings for young people, organ, instrumental and choral concerts.

Address: Russia, Vyborg, Pionerskaya Street, 6.

Market building

Viipurin kauppahalli sijaitsee Viipurin keskustassa Kauppatorin luoteiskulmassa. Jugendtyyliä edustavan rakennuksen on suunnitellut suomalainen arkkitehti Karl Hård af Segerstad ja se valmistui vuonna 1906.

Kauppahalli Viipurissa

Nykyään Viipurin kauppahalli on suosittu ostospaikka erityisesti matkailijoiden keskuudessa.[5] Elintarvikkeiden lisäksi siellä on myynnissä runsaasti muun muassa erilaista kristallia ja posliinia.

  • Osoite: Severnij Val, 2. (ent. Pohjois-Vallikatu).

Moose sculpture

Sculpture Moose is the most famous sculpture in the city of Vyborg. This is one of the attractions of the city. Perfectly executed sculpture is made in full size. Sculpture of a moose looks particularly well among the trees in the park. Wild animal is, as it were in a natural environment, in the woods.

Moose sculpture

Mon Repos park

Mon Repos Park is one of the attractions in Vyborg city. The park is located in the northern part of the city, on the shore of the Gulf of Vyborg, about 130 kilometres (80 mi) from St. Petersburg. The territory of the park is a strip of land along the shore of the bay and several small islands. Walking paths are along the coast. The territory at a distance from the shore is a virtually untouched forest on granite rocks.

Vyborg train station

Vyborg train station

Railway station in the Vyborg city. From the station trains depart to St. Petersburg. Station also caters trains traveling between Helsinki, Finland and the cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The first building Vyborg station was built in 1869. The station served Railroad St. Petersburg - Helsingfors.

Hotels near the border Finland Russia

It may be convenient to find a hotel close to the road and take a break during a long trip. During the trip from Finland to Russia or reverse, it is best to make a stay in located near the border the hotel. There are many hotels close to the road, both in Finland and in Russia. Vyborg city is located near the Russian-Finnish border. A large number of tourists and truck drivers take a break in Vyborg region. It is comfortable to spend a night in a hotel on a long journey, and after a rest in the morning to go on.

Tourist hotel "Homestead Lesogorskaya"

Map of Vyborg

Location of the most interesting places for tourists in Vyborg is shown on the map: attractions, hotels and shops.


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