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Preparing for a trip to the Venice Carnival

Carnival in Venice will be held from February 16 to March 05 in 2019. This is one of the most popular events of the year for travelers. Are you planning to attend the carnival next year? We decided to clarify what you should pay attention in preparation for the trip.

Keep in mind! This is a very popular event. Hotels and tickets start to book long before the carnival. Late arrivals get the worst places.

Dates of trip

Carnival will last more than two weeks. Few of us can afford to stay in Venice during this entire period. What are the best days for visiting the carnival?

The most interesting events are held on weekends. You should choose which days you would like to be in Venice.

February 16 evening (Saturday) and February 17 2019 (Sunday). The holiday of all the Venetians "La Festa Veneziana" will be held in the Canaregio area (near the train station). This event is considered the opening of the carnival.

February 23 (Saturday) and February 24 (Sunday) 2019. First major events of the carnival will be held the. These days Venice will host the Festival of Mary (Festa delle Marie) Angel Flight event. In the suburbs of Zelarino (on the mainland) there will be a holiday for children. Also, the competition for the best carnival costume and the best mask will begin these days.

March 02. Parade of carnival platforms will be held in the Marghera suburb (on the mainland).
March 03 (Sunday) 2019. Grand Final of the contest for the best carnival costume wil be held. The awarding ceremony will take place on the stage, in the San Marco square.

March 05 (Tuesday), 2018. The ceremony of the coronation of Mary will be held at San Marco Square. The Lion's Flight (Svolo del Leon) event on San Marco Square at 17:00. This event is a symbolic closing of the carnival.

The carnival program will be changed and refined. Changes are possible. More complete information will be known in early 2019.

Book a hotel

If you are determined on which days you would like to visit Venice, then it's time to Useful linkbook your hotel. Where it is better to stay in Venice? The most convenient for tourists’ hotels are located next to St. Marko Square and on the banks of the Grand Canal. It is also convenient to choose a hotel near the train station. The central part of Venice is quite small, and it is not difficult to reach most places in the city from most hotels. Part of the city west of the Grand Canal is connected to the eastern part by only a few bridges. If you decide to stay in this part of the city, then better to choose a hotel that is located near the bridge. St. Mark's Square is located in the eastern part of the city (east of the Grand Canal).

Sometimes it is more convenient for tourists to choose a hotel on the mainland of Venice. It is believed that the prices here are somewhat lower. Probably, you should not book a hotel on the islands that do not have connections to the city center (Giudecca, Lido).

Buy tickets

Useful linkTickets for an airplane, bus Useful linkor train you can buy yourself on the Internet (or sometimes at ticket offices). We suggest using one of the air ticket search services to find the flight that suits you. From many cities in Europe Venice can also be reached by bus and by rail.

Going to Venice on your car is not the best idea. You, most likely, will have problems with parking. You will have to walk on the central part of Venice on foot or by water transport.

What to do in Venice

What do you plan to do during the carnival in Venice? Most of the tourists walk along the embankments of the canals, inspect the sights, take pictures of interesting places and people in carnival costumes and make selfies. But there are more interesting proposals.

Create your carnival costume or carnival mask and take part in the competition. Participation in the competition is free of charge. The costume should match the theme of carnival. You must first register as a member. The theme of the festival and the link for registration will appear on the official website of the carnival in late 2017 or early 2018. (We will post the link here and in our Facebook group.)

In the days of the carnival in Venice, several costumed dinners and ball-masquerades are held. Tickets for these events should also be bought in advance.

You can buy a mask on the street in Venice and become a participant in the carnival. You can also buy or rent a carnival costume from a specialized company and walk along the embankments in such a suit. (Information on where to buy or rent a suit.)

People in carnival costumes in Venice


The Venetian carnival takes place in the winter. This means that you should be dressed warmly enough. Frosts are possible in Venice at this time of year (sometimes). Do not forget take an umbrella (you can buy it on the place if necessary). The average daily air temperature in Venice in February is about 5°C.

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