Travel expert tips on how to buy a plane ticket at a good price and save money on your trip this summer

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We were all waiting for the revival of tourism, but were not ready for the fact that there would be so many people wishing to travel. Polls show that Americans plan to travel more this year, summer and fall. More than 30% of Americans plan to travel outside the US. Many foreigners would like to visit the US in the next six months too. All this led to an increase in prices for flights and other tourist services. How can travelers save money? 😎

The reasons for the growth in demand for travel are various:


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Is it safe to travel to Europe? Travel to which countries in Europe should be avoided now?

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There are many places in America where you can spend your holidays, where you can go on a trip. These are tourist destinations in the USA, Canada and neighboring countries (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica). What about traveling to Europe? Is it safe to travel to Europe now, amid war on Ukraine? We believe it is completely safe to travel to the EU as the other countries are not affected.


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Summer vacation 2022 - how much can it cost, compare Greece, Cyprus and Turkey

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How much does it cost to spend a holiday by the sea this summer? We calculated the main expenses and compared the cost of a vacation for two people in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey.
Here's what research has shown....


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Where to spend a cheap vacation this year? In Turkey!

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More than 50% of travelers seek to save money during their holidays. Do you also belong to this category? Then this article is for you too. Where can you spend your summer vacation relatively inexpensively this year? It is very likely that many will choose Turkey. (Vacation at home will cost, of course, cheaper, but I don’t want to give up traveling.)


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Where to go on vacation in summer 2022

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Where should you go on vacation in the summer of 2022? Making predictions in the current unstable time is both difficult and simple. On the one hand, no one can be sure what travel will be like in the near future. On the other hand, we will certainly travel, we will certainly want to spend our summer vacation with pleasure, and this means that the destinations that have been proven over the years and most loved by tourists will be in our summer vacation plans.
Learn more ....
Mediterranean Sea under the wing of an airplane


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Save a little on accommodation during your summer vacation 2022

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Holidays are especially pleasant when you are offered favorable prices. The summer season 2022 begins with good promotions for tourist accommodations. BookingCom "Getaway 2022" Deals give travelers the opportunity to save a little (up to 15%) on accommodation.

Only a part of accommodation objects (hotels, apartments, houses) take part in the action, but the choice is quite large.


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Veneto, Italy

The Veneto region is considered the most visited region in Italy and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. This region is popular not only with residents of Italy and central Europe. Some of its cities are known to travel lovers all over the world.


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Choose and book a tour or activity

Most travel enthusiasts buy one or more guided tours (excursions) during their trips. It is very interesting to see the sights, accompanied by a professional guide. You will learn a lot of interesting things about the places you visited. You will not need to search for information yourself in travel guides or on the Internet.

New York | Miami | Orlando | Mexico | Paris | Venice | Rome | Barcelona | Prague | Helsinki | Tallinn | Moscow | St.Petersburg | Spain

Travel news in brief

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Travel news in brief and useful information for travelers.

Tourism and travel are slowly recovering (after the recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic). Many countries are making decisions that can revitalize the travel industry. (Most likely, travel in the United States will recover faster than in other countries.)


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Tips and links

Are you going on vacation? We will give you some useful tips (which, however, are well known to experienced travelers).

  • Choose the place where you want to go on vacation. Holiday
  • Book a place to stay Recomendation (hotel, villa, vacation home, apartment, hostel) according to your preferences.
  • How will you get from the airport (station) to the hotel? Public transport is the cheapest way to get. But it's more convenient Recomendation to book a taxi 🚕 (low-priced, fixed rate cars, private shuttles, meet-and-greet airport pickups and luggage assistance) or rent a car 🚗.
  • What do you plan to do on vacation? You can book a 📷 guided tour or buy museum tickets online.
  • Find flights Flihts and buy a plane ticket.

See also: the best resort hotels on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, in Turkey or in Miami Beach.

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