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My holidays on the island of Rhodes

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airkraft Annual two weeks holidays became possible in May or early June. Where to travel this year? There were a small number of options. One of the requirements was a low price (due to lack of money). We needed a cheap trip to get the maximum fun. I wanted to go to a warm country closer to the warm sea. In this time of year the sea in many places is still cold. Lying on the beach all day is not my favorite pastime. Travel companies offer three destinations.

Turkey. At this time, prices for holidays in Turkey are not very high. It was suggested accommodation in “three stars” hotel at a distance about 300 meters from the sea.

Greece. Travel companies offered a trip for 10 days in the city of Loutraki in Greece. Cheap hotel is situated not too far from the sea. There is an opportunity to go to a trip to Athens. There are a lot of attractions in the outskirts of Athens.

The island of Rhodes. Rhodes belongs to Greece and is located close to Turkey. The best time to travel to Rhodes is July, August and September. Rhodes is a popular holiday destination for young people, but family vacations here are also popular. There are good sandy beaches. The proposed trip on the island of Rhodes was the most favorable and interesting. Budget 3-star hotel, the fare for two people with the flight from St. Petersburg cost 31,000 rubles (the last minute tour, about $ 1000). Vacation trip on the Rhodes starts in middle of May.

We arrived on Rhodes

Landscape on the island of Rhodes Aircraft departure was detained for about 1 hour. But a time passed pretty quickly. Check-in, passport control, duty free shop, and then landing on the aircraft. Only a few days after the route selection we were here with help of travel agencies “Ambassador-tour” (for the third year in a row), the tour operator “Beleon tours”, on the “Aegean airlines” plane (A320) flying to the Greek island of Rhodes.

The flight was good, good in-flight snack plus an additional offer of coffee (or tea). Flight time from St. Petersburg to Rhodes is about 3.5 hours. We arrived at Rhodes after 1:00 the night by Moscow time. Tour operator staff did work as it should be: welcomed everyone and we were taken to hotels.

Budget 3-star ”Evi” hotel is located in Faliraki village. It is approximately 10 kilometers from Rhodes town. The hotel staff quickly accommodated all tourists in rooms. First impressions of hotel room: clean, “without luxuries”. Here's what caught my eye right in the first night. The hotel has no free internet. Internet is only in the lobby and at the additional fee. This is (as far as I know) considered an unforgivable flaw in our time. In the room is not TV. But on the other hand, we came here for the 3000 kilometers not to watch TV! Time is now 7:00 am local time. I am sitting on the balcony. It is warm weather. Birds are singing. I'll go for breakfast.

The first day of holidays is coming to an end. First impressions. The hotel was better than I expected. (For three-star hotel I was expecting the worst.) Disadvantages. There is no TV in the room, but we do not need it. No need to spoil the holiday with TV. Internet operates only in the lobby for a fee. This is an unforgivable flaw. In our case there are shortages of hot water. The water in the shower sometimes is barely warm. This is bad.

The walk to the seashore and to the beach takes about 10 minutes. It does not bother me. Today we were swimming in the Mediterranean. The water is warm. It is beautiful sandy beach. Food for all-inclusive system has surpassed all expectations. There were a lot of greenery and vegetables. I really liked it. For living in our Evi hotel (3 stars), except breakfast, lunch and dinner, from 10 to 23 is open a bar. Coffee, lemonade, juice, all local alcoholic drinks (white, rosé and red wine, brandy, whiskey, rum, tequila) were free for residents of all-inclusive. Experienced travelers will likely disagree with me, but I am very pleased with first impressions.


Rhodos old  town Yasu - Hello (in Greek). Holiday continues. On the morning was a bit cloudy, the weather forecast had promised rain, but fortunately it was not raining. On Wednesday we decided to do trip to the Rhodes city. There are two places in Faliraki, where you can take the bus to the city of Rhodes. Transit bus stops located on the highway passing through the town. The buses also depart from the located near amusement park McDonald's. Buses go about every 30 minutes (the schedule is at bus stops), the cost of a bus ticket from Faliraki to Rhodes 2.2 euros. Buses stop in the city of Rhodes is located north of Old Town, close to its walls and the sea. There is situated also an information point for tourists, where you can get a map of the city and the island, as well as ask questions on topics that interest you.

As it turned out, at the bus stop near McDonald’s was waiting for a bus a lot of passengers. Most of the passengers were tourists. On the way to Rhodes, a bus took the passengers at several stops, and arrived in the city crowded.

After leaving the bus, we were met by several local representatives of the company “Aegean Blue Vacation”. The company offers to buy their accommodation package in their hotels and later accommodation in RCI network hotels for the next year and then in the future. According to them, on favorable terms. Their offer did not seem profitable for us. In addition, the methods of their personnel practices we did not like. You will be actively lured in their office (free shipping there and back by taxi) involving a prize allegedly won by you. In the office you will be persuaded to buy their services immediately, without giving time for thinking. We also ride in a taxi along the coast of the Aegean (Rhodes place of confluence the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas) and continued to walk around the city. In my opinion, you should not spend time communicate with these people.

The Old Town

In the Old Town of Rhodes are many shops Old City of Rhodes is really impressive. It is large fenced area with impressive city walls. Near the old city (north and east of it, starting from the bus stop) is a huge number of small shops. The shops sell mostly the same type of goods, intended for tourists. Prices generally are not high. You can bargain and reduce the price by 20-30% in the shops. Memorable “umbrellas street” is near the “Cyprus square”. Umbrellas prices here start from 2 euros. Inside the old city are also many shops and cafes. Near the old town is the harbor where cruise ships stop. You can also buy a variety of sea excursions. It is possible to make a day trip to Marmaris (Turkey). Tourists need to pay for a trip, plus port tax 12 Euro. Trip to Marmaris, including a trip by bus to Marmaris, is on a high-speed catamaran 39 euros (journey time approximately 1 hour). There are cheaper offers. Tourist trip to the city of Marmaris can be bought also in Faliraki.

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