Find and buy a plane ticket

Here you can: compare the cost of plane tickets from different airlines, to find the right ticket for your flight to your desired city, select the ticket at the best price and buy it online.
You can choose one of the popular online flight search engines: Skyscanner, VISIT-PLUS. These services usually give similar results to flight searches. You can use any of them.

Are you planning to go on vacation or business trip? Do you want to find a plane ticket in your desired city at the best price? It's very convenient to do via the Internet. Use the flight search service on this page. If you need to find and book a hotel - go to the appropriate page.

For travel enthusiasts, there are mobile apps for airline tickets buying and hotel reservations. Download, install, travel: for iOS - for Android.

Price Calendar

The calendar will help you find the best, lowest price for flights to the city you need. Enter the departure and arrival airports to search for flights.