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How to rent a cottage in Finland

We suggest you spend your summer vacation in Finland. Looking a house to rent  in Finland online Finland attracts tourists with its nature, which was not badly spoiled by people. Finland aims to protect, preserve its nature and to care about the environment. There are many travel enthusiasts, who arrive here to spend a holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in a quiet location on the banks of the lake.

The best time for a vacation in Finland is summer, especially the white nights season. But tourists often come here in the winter to ski or celebrate the New Year.

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Finland is distinguished by a large number of lakes, islands, straits. The region with the largest number of lakes is called Lakeland (Järvi-Suomi). It is located in the central and eastern parts of the country. Lakes occupy more than 50% of the total area of this region. The lake region and the Baltic Sea coast in southwestern Finland are the most popular summer vacation destinations for locals and tourists.

Residents of Finland also love to relax in nature, spend weekends and holidays in a cabin on the shore of a lake or the sea in summer. In good weather, many city residents are trying to go for a picnic or a summer house. Summer houses are built usually in the most beautiful places, often close to the shore of a lake or the sea, and sometimes even on the island. In summer there is usually accepted to swimming, boating, sunbathing, walking in nature, and cooking on the grill.

Not all the finns have their own vacation home. Many rent it in the summer (or winter) for one or two weeks. Among the residents of other countries are also many who want to spend a few days in a cottage in Finland.

Weekend house in Finnish is “kesämökki” (mökki). According to statistics, there were about 509,000 summer houses of different sizes in 2018 in Finland. The largest number of cottages were located in the municipalities of Mikkeli, Parainen (the region of the city of Turku), Hameenlinna, Kouvola, Salo, Kuusamo, Raasepori and Kuopio.

Among the regions of Finland, the largest number of villas are located in the south-western Finland, in the region of Varsinais-Suomi (cities Turku, Salo, Naantali), as well as in the regions of Southern Savonia (Etelä-Savo; Mikkeli, Pieksämäki, Savonlinna) and Pirkanmaa (Tampere, Nokia) (2011).

  • Interesting information
  • More than three million people in Finland go on holiday in the countryside (in own vacation home or in a rented cottage) at least once a year. In the summer of 2011, 530,000 residents of Finland made a journey to the other region of the country. The largest number of tourists was coming to the Etelä-Savo region (Southern Savonia, over 55,000 people).
  • The average of Finland resident cottage is located at a distance of 118 kilometers from his home. More than 60% of the country houses owners spend on the road less than an hour.
  • Most of the summer houses in Finland located on the shores of the lake. Every tenth cottage is located on the shore of the sea. Approximately 12% of cottages are situated on the islands.

Rental cottages

You can find and rent a suitable cottage in Finland both independently and with the help of a travel company. Travel agency will help you choose a house in any region of Finland, suitable for you in size, location and level of comfort. Cottages are advantageous to rent for a family or group of people (often one cottage is rented, for example, two families). As a rule, a cottage has a sauna, a place for cooking. When booking, please note if you need to bring your own bed linen and towels (or can be rented on site).

At present,, Recomendation can be considered more convenient international services for booking cottages in Finland for foreign tourists. Local companies, also do this.


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