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Museums in Helsinki

National museum There are about 80 museums located in the Helsinki. This includes both large state-owned museums and small museums that belong to companies and private persons. Which museums in Helsinki is the most popular with tourists and locals? According to statistics in 2010 the Helsinki City Museum was visited by over 240,000 people, the “Atenium” art museum visited more than 220,000 visitors. In third place was a Contemporary Art museum “Kiasma” (according to some reports in 2011 it came in first place in popularity). A few more statistics: The National Museum of Finland was visited by 107 000 people, an art museum of Helsinki - 82 000, Design Museum - 37 000.

Three of the Helsinki museums, “Ateneum” art museum, “Kiasma” Museum of Contemporary Art and the “Sinebrychoff” Art Museum, together constitute the Art Gallery of Finland.

National Museum of Finland

National museum National Museum of Finland (Suomen kansallismuseo) is located in the center of Helsinki, at a distance about 500 meters from the railway station. The museum holds about 500,000 items. The museum tells the history of Finland from the Stone Age to the present day. Exposition of the National Museum of Finland is divided into several pieces and placed on four floors. Collection of coins, medals, decorations, jewelry and weapons can be seen in the museum. There are also many of the artifacts found during archaeological excavations in the territory of Finland. On the fourth floor of the museum housed section, which presents interactive exhibits (learn the history of using own hands and head). Admission fee is € 8 (2012). Free admission: under 18 years, at the International Museum Day on 18 May and 12 June (Helsinki Day), owners of the Helsinki Card. The museum is closed on Mondays. The museum has a cafe.
Museum address: Mannerheimintie 34, Helsinki, Finland.
Museum location is marked on the Helsinki map.

Ateneum museum

“Ateneum” Art Museum is located next to the railway station of Helsinki, on the “Rautatientori” square. Largest in Finland collection of classical art is located in the Atenium museum. The museum has works Finnish artists made over the years. The museum also has paintings by such famous artists as Francisco Goya, Edgar Degas, Marc Chagall, Paul Cezanne, Vincent van Gogh. The museum is closed on Mondays. Ticket price (2012): 12 euros, under 18 free.
Museum address: Kaivokatu Street 2, Helsinki, Finland.
Museum location is marked on the Helsinki map.

Museum of Contemporary Art “Kiasma”

Kiasma museum “Kiasma” Museum of Contemporary Art is located in Helsinki center, at “Mannerheiminaukio” square, near the railway station and the Marshal Mannerheim monument. According to the museum website it is the most visited museum in Finland. In 2011 the museum was visited by more than three million people. Kiasma Museum is the most popular among young people. 65% of museum visitors are people under the age of 35 years. “Kiasma” museum art collection has over 9,000 works of art. The selection of the exhibits make focus on the works of Finnish authors. The museum also seeks to represent the works of Nordic countries artists, Baltic countries and Russia, and all over the world. Kiasma Museum was created in order to acquaint people with the modern trends in various types of creativity, encourage young people to be creative themselves. The museum is actively cooperating with the schools.
Ticket price € 10 (2012), less than 18 years free of charge.
Museum address: Mannerheiminaukio square 2, Helsinki, Finland.
Museum location is marked on the Helsinki map.

Helsinki City Museum

Sederholm House Helsinki City Museum preserves and presents to visitors the history of the city of Helsinki. The museum houses a collection of documents, photographs, films and articles describing the history of the city. The Helsinki city museum includes several buildings. Entrance to the museum is free.
The main museum building is located in the city center, near Senate Square, at the street Sofiankatu 4.
Branches of Helsinki City Museum:
"Villa Hakasalmi» (Hakasalmen huvila), Mannerheimintie street 13. The villa is situated opposite the National Museum of Finland, near the Palace of Congresses ‘Finlandia-talo”. The villa was built in 1843-1846, and was then outside the territory of the city.
"The burger house” (Ruiskumestarin talo), Kristianinkatu street 12. It is the oldest wooden building in Helsinki.
”Sederholm House” (Sederholmin talo), Aleksanterinkatu street 16-18. The oldest stone building situated in the heart of Helsinki. The history of merchant life in Finland.
“Tram Museum” (Ratikkamuseo), Töölönkatu street 51 A. The museum is located in the old tram depot. The exhibition is devoted to the history of trams and public transport of Helsinki.

Design Museum

Design Museum in Helsinki is one of the most popular museums in Finland. The museum is dedicated to the history of design in Finland and in other countries, design in all its forms, including industrial design and design in the fashion industry. The museum was founded in 1873. The museum has 35,000 items 40,000 drawings and 100,000 photographs. The museum is located at a distance of approximately 400 meters south of the railway station. Ticket cost € 8 (2012).
Finnish contribution to the development of Design is recognized worldwide. In 2012 the city of Helsinki is recognized as the Capital of the world design. Perhaps it attracts a lot of visitors to the museum.
Museum Address: Korkeavuorenkatu 23 00130 Helsinki. Museum can be reached by bus number 16 or tram number 10.
Museum location is marked on the Helsinki map.


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