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"Lenexpo" exhibition center

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"Lenexpo" is one of the popular places for exhibitions, congresses, festivals and other events in St. Petersburg. Exhibition center is located in the south-western part of Vasilievsky Island, in the historic harbor area, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. It was the largest in the Russian North-West Federal District before the "Expoforum" congress and exhibition center opening.

Exhibition center was built in 1963 - 1968 years. Construction was carried out on reclaimed areas. The first event was held in 1968. In subsequent years, exhibition center was some times rebuilt and passed reconstruction.

"Lenexpo" is a popular venue for various public events and exhibitions now. It hosts as B2C format (business - client) and B2B (business - business) events. The complex has 8 conference halls, rooms for negotiations, administrative buildings and 9 pavilions. Lenexpo Exhibition Center is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. This makes it possible to conduct events with a demonstration of boats, yachts, ships and other floating facilities.

Exhibition Complex "Lenexpo" is an important object of St. Petersburg and helps to attract new investors and tourists to the city.

Information about the "Lenexpo"

  • 9 halls with a total area of 40,000 sq.m.
  • Open areas with total area of 63,000 sq.m.
  • 8 conference rooms for 24, 32, 70, 120, 144, 250, 320, 1,054 seats.
  • Congress hall for 2800 seats.
  • Press Center.
  • Room for negotiation.

"Lenexpo" holds about 70 exhibitions in Russia and abroad, which annually attracts more than a million people and which involved about 10 000 companies from 58 countries every year.

Address: St. Petersburg, Bolshoi Prospect 103. (You can see the LENEXPO location on a map of Saint Petersburg).

Distance from the Exhibition Centre to metro stations and Primorskaya and Vasileoostrovskaya is about 2 kilometers. (Metro in St. Petersburg.)
Distance from Palace Square is about 6 kilometers.
Distance from Pulkovo airport is about 25 kilometers.

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