Make a route in St. Petersburg

How to get to the right place in St. Petersburg? How to find a convenient route by public transport or on foot? Use our route planner to get to the right place in St. Petersburg.
Select the departure point and destination in the menu that is located on the map. Choose how you intend to travel: on foot, by car or by public transport.

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The route planner will build a route that you will see on the map, taking into account the routes of public transport. You can choose a different place of departure / destination (if it is not in the menu) by moving the marker on the map (only for the walking route). On the map of St. Petersburg you will see the location of the most popular places among tourists in the city.

On the right side of the page is a column with detailed information. The
Here you will see the information you need: the length of the route, the estimated time in transit, the types of transport that you will need to use and transplant. Note! A list of possible alternative routes can be shown on the right side of the map. Choose the most convenient for yourself.

In the map menu you can choose the points: Moscow Railway Station, Finlyandsky Railway Station, Baltic Station, Pulkovo Airport, Palace Square, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Savior on Blood, Bronze Horseman, Aurora, New Holland, Mariinsky Theater, Mikhailovsky Theater, Zenit Arena , Petrovsky Stadium, Russian Museum, Erart Museum, Naval Museum, Lakhta Center, Zoo, Peterhof.

Planner is a map, taking into account the time of day. The scheduler does not always correctly display the route and modes of transport. The indicated route is better checked against the scheme of the metro and bus routes.