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Venice Carnival 2015

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Venice Carnival 2015 will be held from 31 January to 17 February. This is one of the most famous popular tourist events in Italy. Calendar of events of the carnival will be published later. The date of the most popular events in 2015 are already known.

“Triumph of taste, of gastronomy and conviviality” is theme Venice Carnival 2015. Announced that it would be "The most delicious carnival in the world"!

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Calendar of Events

31 January 2015 Saturday.

18:30 Carnival offers a great show in the Cannaregio district, and the Grand Canal. Will be entertainment on the water and on land. Involved "Nuveau cirque".

1 February 2015 Sunday.

Holiday of all Venetians “La Festa Veneziana” opens the Venice Carnival. The traditional parade of boats on the canal. Gastronomic stands will be opened in Rio di Cannaregio: Venetian cuisine, traditional sweets, animation. Starting at 11:00. Place: Grand Canal and the district Cannaregio.

7 February 2015 Saturday.

Starting the main event on the stage “Gran Teatro” in the Piazza San Marco. Two events: 11:00 - 13:00 and 15:00 - 18:00. The contest carnival costumes and masks starts. On the stage and on the street will be street performers, costume group dance numbers. (Some days later.)
To participate in the contest requires registration. You can take part in the competition every day, from Saturday to Tuesday 7 February 17. From February 12 to Sunday February 15 the choice of candidates for the final of the contest the most beautiful masks. Sunday 15 February final.

8 February 2015 Sunday.

“Flight of the Angel”. Girl in angel costume fly over the Piazza San Marco (along a tightrope from the bell tower of the square). As has become a tradition, “Maria 2014” Marianne Serena will be in the role of Angel. Entertainment to the public starting at 10:30. “Flight of the Angel” at noon.
16:30 - 18:00. Competition for the best masquerade costume performing onstage in the square.

February 14, 2015 Saturday.

One of the main events of the carnival, the festival of Mary (Festa delle Marie). Candidates for the role of Mary are pre-selected. February 14 procession of the twelve girls accompanied by people in old costumes proceed from the “San Piero di Castello” about 14:30, after “Garibaldi” and “Riva degli Schiavoni” and arrive at the scene of San Marco at about 16:00. On the square will be an official presentation of the public carnival. At the end of the carnival will be selected Maria 2015 It is a great opportunity to see traditional Venetian costumes.

Sunday February 15 2015. 12:00.

12:00. “Flight of the donkey” (a parody of an angel flying in Mestre). Piazza Ferretto square.
12:00. “Flight of the Eagle” in the Piazza San Marco.

Tuesday February 17, 2015.

14:30 - 17:30 One of the most anticipated moments of the carnival. Grand Final of the best mask and costume contest. Will be selected the most beautiful mask and the mask relevant the topic better Carnival 2015 “The most delicious festival in the world”.
16:30. The award ceremony and the crowning of the winner of the Festival Maria 2015.
17:00. “Flying Lion” in the Piazza San Marco. The golden lion is a symbol of Venice. Painted on a large flag lion will fly over the square. It is a symbolic closing of the festival.

During the festival in many places in the center of Venice will be a lot of fun. On the streets you will see street musicians and artists from different countries. Look at a map, which indicates the location of the most popular places in Venice.

Best Masked Costume Contest

Competition for the best carnival costume will take place on the stage, on the “Piazza San Marco” square. “Grand Theatre” “Piazza San Marco” square of “Piazza San Marco” square is the main place of the carnival. It will to exist from 7 to 17 February 2015. Twice a day (11:00 and 3:00) will come out on stage participants of the contest.

If you want to watch the competition, then you need to book a place in the auditorium. The audience will choose winner of the contest. Place in the parterre costs € 30. The ticket price includes a free drink and a snack. Free entrance for children under 16.
The most comfortable seats are located on the balcony (in the boxes). Places in the lodges are heated and the have best view of the show. Ticket cost 100 euros.

Seat reservations and more information are available on the official site.

You can take part in the competition (parade) carnival masks in Venice carnivale 2015 alone or with friends. Demonstration of the masks will be held every day at the stage of the Grand Theatre (temporary stage) at Piazza San Marco.
Participation in the main event of the carnival for free.
To take part in the competition and demonstrate your costume need to fill an online application form on the website booking.oltrex.

In the notes provide the name of the suit, the number of participants, especially the costume. You can also send a photo to the address costume

Hotels in Venice

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Masquerade balls

During the Carnival in Venice will be organized a lot of masquerade balls. To attend the Masquerade Ball need to purchase or rent a costume. It is recommended to buy tickets in advance.

Some of the events 2015

February 7, 2015 (Saturday).

  • STEP by STEP. (17 - 19) Costume event in the courtyard of the hotel Splendid Venice. Cocktails, canapes, dance lesson. Live music. (Ticket price from 100 euros.)
  • Minuetto. (20:15 - 00:00) Gala Dinner at the hotel Hotel Danieli. You can learn the basic dance moves 17th and 18th centuries. (Ticket price from 270 euros.)
  • CARNIVAL DREAM (20:30 - 1:00) and Ball show at the Hall of the Ridotto. (Ticket price from 490 euros.)
  • The Best of ... Il Ballo del Doge 2015 "Theatre of Dreams". (20:30 - 03:00) Gala party and ball at the Palazzo Pisani Moretta. Performances and a costume ball. Tickets from 500 to 1000 euros. (Must be pre-registration and costume.)

February 14, 2015 (Saturday).

  • CARNIVAL DREAM - Celebration of Valentine's Day. (20:30 - 1:00) Celebrating Valentine's Day in the Hall Hall of the Ridotto. Theatrical performance in English. Ticket cost 490 euros.
  • Carnival in Love - Grand Ball. (20:30 - 03:00) Celebrating Valentine's Day in the Palazzo Ca 'Zanardi, Cannaregio 4132 Venezia. Cocktails, dinner, musicians, singers, dancers. (Tickets 250, 500, 650 euros advised to buy in advance.)

Details about the theme of the carnival 2016 and events will be later.


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